Chuck Johnson - Solo acoustic guitar

Chuck Johnson began playing fingerstyle acoustic guitar in the early 1990′s, inspired by the North Carolina Piedmont blues of Elizabeth Cotten, Rev. Gary Davis, and Etta Baker, as well as the “American Primitive” approach to steel string guitar as a solo concert instrument. These influences can be heard in his contributions to the Idyll Swords and in his music for film.

A composer and musician residing in Oakland, CA. He approaches his work with an ear towards the faults and instabilities that reveal latent beauty, and with a focus on American Primitive guitar, experimental electronics, and "folk minimalist" composition.

Alex Vittum Solo - percussion and synthesiser

Alex Vittum is a percussionist and composer based in the San Francisco Bay Area who combines the disciplines of percussion, electronic music and instrument building. He is a member of several groups including Stratic, For Now, Ton Trio II, and performs solo electro-acoustic works as Prism. 

$5-10 donation