First Thursday Art Walk

Studio Grand proudly presents the  work of local artist and educator Matthew Scheatzle  

Reclaimed Series

Reclaimed wood from building projects and backyard fallen trees are the source materials for Matthew Scheatzle’s current work, a sculptor’s foray into painting. The work is as graceful as it is strong.  His hand is meticulous, hours of cutting and arranging shapes with obsessive attention paid to minutiae of details such as the visual use of wood grain.  Hours of transforming one’s physical experience in nature into “straddling the line between representation and object.” 

Another component not to be overlooked in the series is the use of resin. The resin is specific, made from nuts its practical application in the everyday world is the production of bowling balls. Mixing the resin with pigments creates pools and veins of color.

The work expresses a sense of time similar to how Bristlecone pine trees express time, time passing slowly at a great length.