RTD3 and DYNASOAR combine traditional and invented instruments in extended techniques and improvisational structures to produce a gestalt of timbral, gestural, and architectural sonic space.



RTD3 is Ron Heglin, trombone and voice; Doug Carroll, Cello; and Tom Nunn, original musical instruments. The orchestral and timbral soundscapes of this group are an articulation of a sound art of unusual power, delicacy and beauty. Doug Carroll extends the cello's sound using acoustic preparations. Ron Heglin is a trombonist and vocalist working in extended techniques on the Trombone and developing ficticious spoken and sung languages as a Vocalist. Tom Nunn designs,builds and performs with original musical instruments/sound sculptures. His instruments are built from wood,metal,strings,and a variety of creatively used materials.                


Ron Heglin is a Trombonist and Vocalist working with extended techniques on the Trombone and creating  spoken and sung imaginative languages as a Vocalist. His work has been influenced by his study of East Indian  vocal music and other vocal and language traditions.He has extensive performance  experience in the US and abroad and is a founding member of RTD3





Cellist and composer, Doug Carroll explores new sound domains with the use of field recordings of animals accompanied with the cello. Working with a variety of multimedia events, he has performed and composed for modern dance, theatre, film, and video, as well as collaborations with visual artists. Carroll performed in the world premiere of Ocean, with the Merce Cunningham Dance Company with music by John Cage. He studied composition with Karlheinz Stockhausen, Lou Harrison, and Anthony Braxton and has an MFA in Electronic Music and Recording Media from Mills College and a BA in Music from the University of Alabama in Birmingham. Other studies include the Darmstadt International Course for NewMusic and the Royal Conservatory at the Hague, Netherlands. Noteworthy performances at Sound Symposium (Newfoundland) , Warsaw Audio Arts Festival, Het Apollohuis (Netherlands),Seattle Improvised Music Festival, Birmingham Improv Fest, The Kitchen (NY).



Tom Djll / Trumpet and Electronics
Karen Stackpole / Extended Percussion
Ron Heglin / Trombone and Voice
Tom Nunn / Invented Instruments
Doug Carroll / Cello and Recordings from Nature.


Doors at 7:30pm, Show at 8pm
$10-15 sliding scale

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