Join us for a night of eclectic blends of music with the CD Release of ontologist's 'Exit' and performance by Jyun Jyun



ontologist is a composer, producer, and DJ/VJ in the San Francisco Bay Area. His music is an intentionally eclectic blend of all styles, genres, and moods. Lush orchestra strings sit inside reggae grooves; 8-bit video game music leads into ambient pop; Cool Jazz rhythm section swings with ecstatic choir and glitchy noise synths. No matter the fusion of feels or collection of cacophony he is serving up, you can be guaranteed both powerful, intoxicating beats and thought-provoking extra-musical ideas. Included in ontologist's musical smorgasbord is also a refreshing drink of synchronized video with all performances, to further entrance and intensify meaning and thought woven into the fun, trippy, uplifting music. ontologist has performed with countless ensembles in Chicago and the Bay Area, including DOJO v. TWITCH, Tomorrow Music Orchestra, Maurice, Silences Sumire, Hotel Eden, Function Ensemble, The Zvooks, and many others. "Exit", his third solo release on Canzona Records, features almost 30 performers from around the globe, 30 musical genres from throughout history, and is available to listen for free at:


Jyun Jyun

Louis Chinn, known by his stage name Jyun Jyun, is a multi-instrumentalist musician, producer and DJ. Rooted in the immediacy and presence of live music, Jyun Jyun creates multi-sensory projects that explore the boundaries between organic instrumentation and modern, electronic production. Whether performing with a live band, looping instruments, or mixing sounds as a DJ, Jyun Jyun sews together sonic space-time migrations from across the globe. Traditional, organic and indigenous sounds meet new forms of galactic electro, space funk, future rock, soulful vocals, melodic instrumentation and bass-heavy, danceable beats.  Drawing influence from his own mixed-race heritage, the cross-pollination of cultures and the proliferation of ideas through sound are at the heart of his music.  Hailing from Alaska, and currently residing in Oakland, CA, he is as inspired by nature and silence as the rapid, complex life of the city. Enrapt by the invisible connections that exist around us, his music explores the relationships between seemingly disparate elements: silence and form, ancient and future, organic and electronic -- all which blend together into a cohesive sonic voice from across time.  While each performance, project or set may vary, expect a through-line of phat basslines, head nodding beats, and impactful musicality. Listen here:


Jyun Jyun at 7pm
ontologist at 8pm


Eventbrite - ontologist 'Exit' CD Release Featuring Jyun Jyun

$10-$15 sliding scale