Join us for a second installation by Artist-in-Residence Sung Kim. Kim spent the last part of 2014 at Studio Grand, exhibiting his stunning collection of instruments that he conceived of and made. Kim has curated several performances at the Studio, collaborating with a variety of Bay Area musicians. His instruments have drawn the attention of many for their gorgeous craftsmanship and a curiosity for their form and sound. Kim’s prowess both as a sculptor, woodworker, instrument-maker, and musician allows him the freedom to design, hear, and make instruments and sound installations that offer a dynamic re-envisioning of music and sound. 

In this second installation With Friction and Empathy-Piloting the Satellite Sympathetic Resonators, Kim has created a sound installation that will be suspended to the Studio’s walls. In addition to the visually lush installation, musicians will be able to plug into this work and create live soundscapes using their instruments. 

We hope you will join us for the opening reception and performance. Come by, meet Sung, and celebrate his work with us at Studio Grand.

//Performances //

First Set
Shanna Sordahl // cello
Teddy Rankin-Parker // cello
Dave Dupuis // baritone hurdy gurdy
Sung Kim // Nuns Horn / Ozukuri

Second Set
Thomas Dimuzio // electronics