photo by Carly Hoopes

photo by Carly Hoopes

EFFT's songs are honest, beautiful, dreamy, passionate, and psychedelic.

EFFT is the song birthing project of Sarah Elena Palmer, and the collaboration of SEP with her musical chemist, Noah Phillips.

Since 2007, EFFT has been exchanging energies and ideas in their Song Lab - their goal being to give each song the proper structure that will keep it in its purest deliverable form and make it easily soluble for listeners.



Danny Paul Grody is a solo musician and founding member of San Francisco based bands Tarentel, The Drift, and Moholy-Nagy. He is a self taught guitarist, and the melodies at the core of Danny’s songwriting bring to mind his love of West African kora, Takoma style fingerpicking and all things minimal, repetitive & hypnotic.