Loop 2.4.3's Time-Machine_music + Music of Alden Jenks, feat. Amy Foote (voice)

Loop 2.4.3’s Time-Machine_music integrates voices and ancient instruments with electronic manipulation.  A virtuosic percussionist, Thomas Kozumplik (also of Brooklyn-classical quartet, Clogs) routes microphones and electronic hardware to Chinese drums, Tibetan bells, antique cymbals, vocals, steel drum, and samplers.  A sub-text of social time perception and inner turmoil reveals a mini-psychedelic-rock-extravaganza, built inside a classical form, with highly developed improvisation.  Kozumplik’s performances have been called "dazzling throughout" (Mojo, UK), "sublime" (Pitchfork), "smart and engaging" (New York Times), and "the hit for me" (composer Terry Riley via the New York Times).


Iconic composer and electronic music pioneer, Alden Jenks, will perform with gifted soprano, Amy Foote, in a new work for live electronics and voice.   Jenks has worked with Karlheinz Stockhausen, John Cage, and David Tudor, and is the Director of the Electronic Music Studio at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music.  Amy Foote is a versatile soprano, active in opera, chamber music, and indie rock.