“There (is) the central self… and it’s all of us. It’s playing all the parts of all being whatsoever everywhere and anywhere. And it’s playing the game of hide and seek with itself. It gets lost, it gets involved in the farthest-out adventures, but in the end it always wakes up and comes back to itself.” - Alan Watts

With it’s quirky instrumentation (clarinet, accordion, and guitar) the game of interaction — running, chasing, hiding, seeking, tagging, teaming — is evident in this improvising trio. Musical mischief transpires, inviting a whim of unpredictability and ever-weaving melodies.


Rob Reich / Ila Cantor's "Show And Tell” is a series of concerts hosted by Studio Grand. Each month, a new collaboration is formed by the two composers/improvisers featuring new guest artists, showcasing a wide variety of styles, ensembles, and concepts while demonstrating the fascinating harmony and friction that collaboration induces. Each concert is a truly unique experience and new musical ideas are presented monthly.