Biggi Vinkeloe : saxes & flute  Don Robinson : drums  Joe Lasqo : piano/laptop/percussion  Teddy Rankin-Parker  : cello

Biggi Vinkeloe: saxes & flute
Don Robinson: drums
Joe Lasqo: piano/laptop/percussion
Teddy Rankin-Parker: cello

German/Swedish saxophonist and flautist Biggi Vinkeloe plays Studio Grand as part of her Northern CA tour! 

A sorceress of avant / jazz wind energy, and veteran of stellar collaborations with Roberto Bellatalla, Alberto Braida, Chris Brown, Lisle Ellis, Marco Eneidi, Ken Filiano, Gianni Gebbia, Vinny Golia, Giancarlo Locatelli, Miya Masaoka (正岡みや), Barre Phillips, Gino Robair, Cecil Taylor, PeeterUuskyla, and Marie Wärme, among many others, Biggi Vinkeloe will réprise her long-standing collaboration with Bay Area master drummer Don Robinson, whom Coda Magazine has described as a "percussion Dervish".

Joining will be Bay Area neogaku pianist / computer musician Joe Lasqo, whose recent local performances include: the Vexations [Re-vex'd] II 22-hour Satie-based improv marathon; w AaronBennett's Electro-Magnetic Transpersonal Orchestra at Duende; w Czech sound artist LucieVítková, UK laptopist Joe Snape, + local madman, Bob Marsh at BAF.

Adding the final touch to this post-jazz ensemble is Teddy Rankin-Parker, the sophisticated cellosuperfrique who's blown in from Chicago to shake up the Bay Area's ideas of what cello-playing can be. Master of extended cello technique and slave to no musical preconceptions or boundaries, Teddy makes the space move around the warp drive instead of moving the warp drive through the space.



Set 2 (10:45pm): John Schott

John Schott is a composer, guitarist, arranger and musical spelunker. A collaborator of Ben Goldberg,  Kenny Wollesen, Trevor Dunn, Charlie Hunter, Scott Amendola, and currently leader of a trio with Dan Seamans, and John Hanes, John has released records in various combinations on Knitting Factory, Tzadik, Songlines, Nuscope, and Victo. 

John was also (with Charlie Hunter, Will Bernard, and Scott Amendola), a member of the jazz/funk band T.J. Kirk, whose second album If Four Was One (Warner Bros.) received a Grammy nomination. His unique and brilliant release Shuffle Play: Elegies for the Recording Angel (New World) features John’s 16-piece Ensemble Diglossia, including ROVA's Steve Adams & percussionist William Winant, in a composition intermixing contemporary composition with the earliest surviving recordings, of circa 1880-1900. Other releases include John Schott’s Typical Orchestra and Drunken Songs for Sober Times. John can also be heard on records by John Zorn, TomWaits, The Baguette Quartette, Steven Bernstein — and, especially, the incredibleWhat Comes Before with Ben Goldberg and Michael Sarin.

John will réprise his stunning and vibrantly emotional solo tour de force of "rembetiko banjo taksim" from March's 40-musician  Vexations [Re-vex'd] I improv marathon, a piece that bridges the worlds of avant-garde, Middle Eastern and American roots music in an exploration of the tragic life of composer Erik Satie. Listeners to the premier of this music struggled to pick themselves up off the floor after being hit with  it's emotional power and you will see and hear why.