A night of three acts featuring La Pêche Quintet + Madeline Tasquin Band


"Journey through the impossible"

(le voyage à travers l'impossible)

The Impossible Voyage.jpeg


Opening the night will be a projection of this classic movie, accompanied with a live original soundtrack by La Pêche.

Created in 1904 by George Méliès, the French pioneer of the moving image, this 20-minutes film is based in part on Jules Verne's novel "Journey through the impossible" as a satire of scientific exploration in which a group of geographers attempt a journey into the interior of the sun. The Impossible Voyage was one of the most popular films of the first few years of the twentieth century, along with similar Méliès films such as A Trip to the Moon.


  M▲D E L I N E  T▲S Q U I N  

Canadian-Californian songwriter Madeline Tasquin Streicek was raised in Northern British Columbia by her opera singer mother and Austrian gold-miner father. She learned to play the piano as soon as she could reach the keys, and many years later in 2011 she picked up a concert ukulele, which is much easier to carry around town than a piano.

Madeline attributes her sense of melody and harmony to hours spent singing with her mother and two younger sisters on long car trips as a child, as well as an obsession with Rachmaninoff and Chopin that began as a teenager. Singing in both English and French, her songs dip from jazz-tinged folk to odd-meter soul, to twisted pop ballad and delicate fairy-tale.

This will be a homecoming show for Madeline, who returns to the Bay Area in early March from a 3-month tour through France, Switzerland, Germany and the Czech Republic. She plays with a band while in California - Dan Cantrell (accordion & saw), Oscar Westesson (bass) and Chris Lauf (drums). She often invites guest artists and singers for songs that beg a more lush instrumentation. 


   website : http://tasqu.in/home
soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/manamaddy

Another Trip Around The Sun : http://bit.ly/atatsvid
Michel, Le Mistral et Moi : http://bit.ly/lemonvid

Band Picture.jpeg

La Pêche is:
Paul Bertin- Saxophone
Morgan Nilsen - Clarinet
Ofir Uziel - Accordion
Schuyler Karr - Double Bass
JonJon Selin - Drums



La Pêche is an ensemble of young Bay Area musicians, coming from backgrounds as diverse as hard rock, philharmonic orchestra or balkan brass. Out of this collaboration comes a music that is at the crossroads of European folkloric traditions and jazz & improvised performance.

"La Pêche" refers to a witty French expression for a heighten physical and spiritual state ; which the group aims to convey with their wild improvisations, deep soundscapes and fiery compositions.