Le Parody (pronounced le par ó dy) is the musical project of Sole Parody, the Spanish musician whose blood runs between Italy and Andalucia and whose music pulses with the impossible, ethereal combination of electro-glitch, pop, and folk. Le Parody’s sound resides somewhere in the space between Sole’s native Granada and the deserts of California. Nomads know that cultures and languages do not fit together easily like puzzle pieces, and Le Parody rejects the logic of fusion and instead creates music that reflects the confusion of travel and the hiccups of misunderstanding—fashioning her own curious folklore that drifts across languages and continents. She only uses instruments that fit in a small suitcase: a ukulele, a sampler, a glockenspiel, some wires and pedals. Cuban trumpet player Frank Santiuste joins her in her trip through venues, living rooms, backyards, laundrymats, parking lots —hidden underground places of a country in collapse, and together they play and they dance.


In Le Parody´s songs, there is no principal element that imposes upon the rest. Like in recipes that call for a slow cooked stew, the multiple layers are incorporated and savored in the precise moment. Invented folk melodies, electro-pop beats, toy glitches. Nevertheless, all of her pieces have a reoccurring presence, which is Sole´s voice. A voice often compared to latin-american classic folk singers like Lila Downs, but stained with Andalucian, Californian, and even Asian accents.



Banda Sin Nombre 

Sin Nombre is a five-piece street band from San Francisco's Mission District dedicated to performing folk music from around the world. Mixing rich vocal harmonies with acoustic instruments including guitar, fiddle, accordion, sousaphone, and cajon, the band's inspirations range from Peruvian chicha to Catalan rumba and Appalachian old time to cumbia. In any style, it's all about bringing people together.