Bait & Switch

Aaron Bennett, saxophones
Jordan Glenn, drums
John Finkbeiner, guitar
Lisa Mezzacappa, acoustic bass

“Mezzacappa's Bait & Switch delivers a raw, unfettered dose of primal expressionism that also works as sophisticated modern jazz.” — Point of Departure

“Mezzacappa and her band of merry men plunder the jazz canon and delightfully toss the treasures about, playing with a bold approach and delightful musicality. What Is Known is no holds barred all the way, so bring your best wrestling moves and dive in.” — New York City Jazz Record (formerly AllAboutJazz-New York)

Life's Blood Ensemble

Kim Cass, double bass
Markus Hunt, double bass
Timothy Orr, drums/percussion
Rent Romus, alto & soprano saxophones

Life's Blood “damn well rock their Jazz” says blogger disaster amnesiac, while exploring the influences and inspirations that make the art of jazz and improvisation timeless. The ensemble pays tribute as well as brings to light, reinvents, deconstructs, and breaths life into the deeper realms of their collective body of memory. Originally created by saxophonist Rent Romus while on tour in Northern Europe in 1999, the group currently features bassists Kim Cass, Markus Hunt and drummer/percussionist Timothy Orr.