Set #2
Grex has been called “completely original” (Eugene Weekly), a "near-seamless blend of modern jazz, indie rock, and blues rock." (Tiny Mix Tapes) The band's fun, endlessly surprising sound has drawn comparisons to English Prog Rock (Henry Cow, The Cardiacs), free music (Ornette Coleman, Sonny Sharrock), and noise rock (Sonic Youth, The Velvet Underground).

Karl Evangelista, guitar/vocals
Rei Scampavia, keys/vocals
Robert Lopez, drums


Set #1
A self described “culmination of diverging unsound musical and accidental pursuits…” He studied Classical and Ragtime piano under noted Ragtime Revivalist Dr. Brian Dykstra. Influences may/not include Bartok, Scott Joplin, and Morton Subotnick, Eno’s Oblique Strategies, Andy Kaufman, and John Cage. A typical performance might include live analog synthesizer improvisation over a prepared backing. Backing sounds are usually multritracked soundscapes featuring unique field recordings and other synthetic treatments. This performance will include live electronics and a special performance on the Studio Grand piano.

Derek Gedalecia, keyboards and electronics

Eventbrite - Grex + Headboggle

Doors at 9:00pm, show at 9:30pm

$8-12 sliding scale