Rob Reich Quartet

Rob Reich Quartet features an exciting rhythm section supporting original works which explore the dualities of jazz and rock, classic and contemporary, composition and improvisation. This music is evocative, complex, and stirring, with a distinct sense of humor.

Live Performances:



3 Leg Torso 

3 Leg Torso formed in 1996 as violin, cello and accordion trio with the mission of creating original modern chamber music for their unique instrumentation. Over the following years, the ensemble has expanded both it's musical mission and it's size to become a quintet that now performs original compositions based on an eclectic synthesis of chamber music, tango, klezmer, latin, and Roma (Gypsy) music.

As principal composers, founding members Béla R. Balogh (violin and trumpet) and Courtney Von Drehle (accordion) provide the core of 3 Leg Torso's sound. They are joined by veteran percussionist/mallet player Gary Irvine, the consummate mallets/percussion of T.J. Arko, and the gentleman of the acoustic bass, Mike Murphy.

Meet 3 Leg Torso:


Doors at 9:00pm, show at 10:00pm
$10-15 sliding scale