Touring from Seattle with their new record, Bad Habitat, on the Table & Chairs label!

United in their common desire to experiment in new musical territories, Seattle-based quartet Chemical Clock have established themselves as a fresh, distinct voice among a legion of inspired and energetic young musicians to emerge from the Northwest in recent years. The band's indefinable avant-electro-acoustic sound is a patchwork that combines the members' jazz backgrounds with such diverse elements as hip-hop, prog-rock, and contemporary classical music.


“Fierce, abrasive, angular, and breathtakingly precise…” – Paul de Barros, The Seattle Times

“… inspiring, staggering, jaw-dropping, and flat-out radical… Chemical Clock played jazz as if they were German math geniuses doing mushrooms after hours at the CERN.” – DJ Ho-hum, Hollow Earth Radio

"… an aggressive and determined young band with a lot of good ideas and more than enough chops to pull them off." – Dave Wayne, All About Jazz



Surplus 1980 is a post-punk rock band, the second coming of the instrumental punk band Mute Socialite. Formed by former Sleepytime Gorilla Museum percussionist, Moe! Staiano, Surplus 1980 is a thicker brew of an out-jazz touch on the punk ferocity.Surplus 1980 have a well-chosen name. As long as you pick up on the right 1980 musical references: the skewed-punk and post-punk and spiky New Wave ones: Essential Logic, Pere Ubu, the Fall, the Slits, the Ex, first-album Gang of Four: Surplus 1980 is a louder and faster band than any of those, but draw from the same well of shouty discordant rock’n'roll clamor, the same joy in complaining. Chord progressions are less friendly than on a Chuck Berry record, but have the same elemental drive, and the drums — plus Staiano’s various re-purposed metals and tools — are clattered up front to make sure we don’t miss them.




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