Join us for an evening with Studio Artist-in-Residence Antique Naked Soul who will take us on a community and music journey. 



Come explore your personal potential to be an influence as an artist or educator in Antique’s Worksuite and stay for a live performance by some of the members of Antique Naked Soul’s LIVE sing soul! The workshop offerings are called Worksuites.  Antique will use performance and dialogue to lead us through a conversation on race relations, our aspirations, and a healing process using music to access an empathetic space for growth. 

The Worksuites are live performance workshops that feature Antique's music as text. Participants will watch a live performance that allows them to make a connection emotionally to content and then they explore the content through theory and experiential activities. Lastly, they explore ways to apply and reflect on the content in their work.

As part of Antique Naked Soul’s Artist-Residency at Studio Grand, the ensemble will be working on the Naked Soul: A Soundscape of Black Shame' which explores the question “What does Black Shame sound like?” Antique Naked Soul leads the audience on an all-vocal mission to reclaim and heal the physical symptoms of suffering resulting from a history of enslavement and institutional oppression. Created to encourage dialog, the theatrical piece will be produced in 2015 by playwright, director, and poet Marc Bamuthi Joseph.


Oakland Indie Award and Oaktown Music Festival nominee Candice “Antique” Wicks is the Founder and President of Antique Music, a music edu-tainment company encompassing her work as an educator, with collaborative music projects. Antique is the lead singer of an all-vocal beat-boxing band called Antique Naked Soul (ANS) with renown beat-boxer Tommy “Soulati” Shepherd and two singers, Jayme Brown and N’gala McCoy. As artist and educator, Antique has led personal and professional development workshops for educators all over the world. Her “Worksuites” combine her live performance with her expertise as an educator.


According to Scientific American, the mirror neuron system, within all of us, provides a mechanism through which listeners feel the performer's emotion making musical communication a form of empathy. After earning a Master's Degree in Education and teaching for several years, Antique used this knowledge to found Antique Education, the intersection between Antique's art and her experience as an educator. Antique Education consists of professional development workshops or Worksuites, theater, curriculum and life coaching. She felt that the mirror neuron system was the key to understanding the power of music to influence behavior. As a career educator, she saw the impact that music had on the lives of her students and wanted to understand it more and figure out how to use it as a tool to support people in reaching their highest potential to make the world a better place. Antique has facilitated Worksuites all over the country including Chicago, Minneapolis, Madison, Detroit, Utah, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Richmond, Oakland and abroad at the University of Malta. She has also worked with several school districts including San Francisco, Oakland, San Rafael and Los Angeles.




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$10-15 Suggested Donaton