An exciting group of Bay Area musicians convene for a special benefit for Bay Area non-profit Outsound Presents.



Grex is an art rock/post-jazz trio composed of Karl Evangelista (guitar/vocals), Rei Scampavia (keys/vocals), and Robert Lopez (drums). In biological terms, a “grex” is an organism composed of several smaller cells. Grex (the band) was formed as a way to explore the meeting point between popular song and experimental jazz, creating a new music that both epitomizes its influences and moves in fresh, staggeringly new directions.

The band has been called “completely original” (Eugene Weekly), and "true genre-warping music," (KFJC) a "near- seamless blend of modern jazz, indie rock, and blues rock." (Tiny Mix Tapes) The band's fun, endlessly surprising sound has drawn comparisons to English Prog Rock (King Crimson, The Cardiacs), free music (Ornette Coleman, Sonny Sharrock), and noise rock (Sonic Youth, The Velvet Underground). Grex has participated in performances with the likes of Fred Frith, Tony Levin, Zeena Parkins, and Hafez Modirzadeh, and has presented at festivals nationwide, including the Switchboard Music Festival (SF), Sonic Circuits Festival (DC), and the United States of Asian America Festival.

Karl Evangelista // guitar // vocals
Rei Scampvia // keys // vocals
Robert Lopez // drums

Jim Ryan // poetry // flute

Poet, writer, philosopher and musician, Jim Ryan is an original member of the exploratory family of artists of the 20th century. Ryan has performed with the likes of Rent Romus, Marco Eneidi, Eddie Gale, and Donald Robinson, and has led the longstanding Forward Energy ensemble and numerous other groups. A veteran of the beat generation, the European expatriate free jazz scene in the 60's, and critical creative music communities in the Bay Area and Washington D.C., Ryan's uncanny, powerful poetry and forceful improvisation are inimitable and truly unique.

Teddy Rankin-Parker // solo cello

Teddy Rankin-Parker is an American cello player based in Oakland, CA, who specializes in New Music, Improvisation, and Interdisciplinary Collaboration. He performs extensively throughout the U.S. and Europe with various solo and ensemble projects.

Rankin-Parker most recently completed a national tour as a member of 2013 Berlin Prize-winning composer Gene Coleman’s Ensemble N-JP, premiering a new octet for an ensemble of Japanese and traditional western instruments, commissioned by Chamber Music America and the Graham Foundation (October 2013).  Since 2010, he has performed as a member of the International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE), most recently in a concert at Columbia University’s Miller Theatre featuring the life work of composer Pauline Oliveros. In 2010 he performed with ICE in a new interdisciplinary work by choreographer John Jasperse entitled, Truth, Revised Histories, Wishful Thinking & Flat Out Lies, which played at Redcat (Roy and Edna Disney/CalArts Theater) in Los Angeles and at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago. In 2008, Rankin-Parker performed Steve Reich’s Cello Counterpoint for Eight Cellos with Grammy Award-winning ensemble Eighth Blackbird at the Kitchen in New York City. He toured Lewis Nielson’s “Axis” with the Oberlin Contemporary Music Ensemble in 2007 under the direction of renowned percussionist and conductor, Stephen Schick.

Moe! Staiano Ensemble

Moe! Staiano is an experimental composer, drummer, percussionist, songwriter and multi-instrumental performance artist who has been at the forefront of the Bay Area improvisation scene for over a decade.

Moe! is composer and conductor for Moe!kestra!, a large ensemble avant-garde orchestra, fronts post-punk no-wave band Surplus 1980 and also performs innovative solo percussion shows. 

Over the years, Moe! has worked with a veritable who's-who of the Bay Area creative music scene, including Ron Anderson (the Molecules, RonRuins, PAK), Tom Nunn, Vacuum Tree Head, Z'ev, Amy X Neuburg, Ava Mendoza, Nurse With Wound, David Slusser, Karen Stackpole, Ches Smith, Michael Evans (God Is My Co-Pilot), Caroline Kraabel & John Edwards (Shock Exchange), Gino Robair, William Hooker, Tom Dimuzio and has performed with all these plus Henry Kaiser, Mark Growden's Electric Pinata, Amy Denio, Cheer-Accident and sfSoundGroup among others.


Eventbrite - Benefit Show for Outsound w/Grex, Jim Ryan, Teddy Rankin-Parker, + Moe! Staiano Ensemble


$10-$15 sliding scale