An evening of new jazz and cutting edge composition, featuring the debut of Karl Evangelista's Space Walk project and the Oakland premiere of Crystal Pascucci's Jade: The Hardness.

Space Walk

Assembled from the raw materials contemporary jazz, free improvisation, and third world dance music, Karl Evangelista's Space Walk features a muderers' row of Bay Area experimentalists, including members of art rock trio Grex, Evangelista's garage jazz Song & Dance trio, and local saxophone legend Lewis Jordan. This new ensemble seeks to amalgamate bold, danceable structures with heavy abstraction and vocalistic mayhem--and when the tether comes unraveled, the band will be (as guitarist Sonny Sharrock famously described it) "walking in space."

Karl Evangelista, guitar
Theo Padouvas, trumpet
Lewis Jordan/Cory Wright, saxophones
Rei Scampavia, keys
Jordan Glenn/Robert Lopez, drums

Lijiang Flute Pieces for Mixed Quartet

"Jade: The Hardness" is a piece of chamber music that explores the poems of Li Bai, ----, --- The piece was originally scored for cello, bass, percussion, harmonium, singing bowl and fixed media. i'd like to do this version with cello, bass clarinet, vibraphone, percussion, singing bowl and fixed media. the piece is five movements long. each movement circles a Daoist poem. the poems were inscribed on bamboo flutes that belonged to a Naxi flute player in Lijiang. i worked with him quite a bit while i was there and he agreed to recite and be recorded. i used the recordings to derive melody and rhythmic patterns. they also influence the lyrics in the final movement.

Crystal Pascucci, cello
Aram Shelton, reeds
Mark Clifford, percussion
Jordan Glenn, drums


$10-$15 sliding scale





** No refunds or exchanges are permitted. **