Join us for Krystle Ahmadyar’s closing Artist In Residence show at Studio Grand. Krystle will be closing her residency with her soulful music project Ruby Mountain, Elandis Brooks on trumpet and piano, beat boxer Professor Rogelio, poet Lisa Evans, dancer Jenay Anonlin, and visual artist Oree Originol. 

Art work of Alan Blueford by Oree Originol will be featured to remember Alan’s life and support his family’s fight for justice. Alan Blueford would have been turning 21 this December. He was 18 years old when he was shot and killed by OPD. His family now runs the Justice for Alan Blueford Center in Oakland CA:


Ruby Mountain is a neo-soul electronic pop band. Composer and Studio Grand Artist-in-Residence, Krystle Ahmadyar, draws from her Afghan musical heritage, jazz vocal training, and experimental electronic music roots to create soulful songs of love, oppression and resistance. The evening will be a collaboration with Elandis Brooks on trumpet and piano and Professor Rogelio. 

Krystle Ahmadyar, max/MSP, bass uke, & vocals.
 Elandis Brooks, trumpet, piano
Professor Rogelio, beatbox

ROGELIO LANDAVERDE is a 30 year old California born mexicano americano. Beatbox, performer, acrobat, musical human.

Ruby Mountain SoundCloud


Oakland native, Jenay “ShinobiJaxx” Anolin is a dancer, choreographer, mentor and performance coach who not only is classically trained but is versed in Hip Hop, House, Waacking and other street styles. She is also the Director of Mini Mix’d All-female Youth Dance Company.Jenay Anolin will be dancing to a soundscape Krystle Ahmadyar created from field recordings she did in Afghanistan May 2015.


Lisa Evans is a qpoc actress, poet, and youth development worker based out of Oakland, CA. They most recently performed as a part of Queer Rebels Fest, Brouhaha: QTPOC Activist-Comics Rise Up and as an ensemble cast member in The Love Balm For My Spirit Child, a theatrical performance based on the testimonies of Bay Area mothers who have lost children to violence. They can also be seen in award winning filmmaker Cheryl Dunye’s short film Black Is Blue.


Began primarily as a painter but has since established himself in printing and digital media. In 2012 he joined forces with Bay Area artist, Favianna Rodriguez and her artist network,, and began to get involved in social justice art projects. Since then, Oree has remained dedicated to activism and in 2014 he decided to start "Justice For Our Lives" a social art project dedicated to promoting justice for people who have been killed by police.

*Cover photo by Bert Johnson Taken from the East Bay Express Article Krystle Ahmadyar's Long Journey Home by Nastia Voynovskaya 


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