A monthly series curated by RDL+. Bay Area Bridges celebrates the Bay Area, with Oakland as its hub, and brings together the most interesting and ground-breaking voices that need to be heard and reckoned with. Shows include music written and presented by RDL+ as well as other innovative artists, and will break new ground in modern music.

For the first set of this December show, RDL+ will be collaborating with and featuring the compositions of pianist/composer Andrew Vickers. 

For the second set RDL+ will be showcasing the original compositions of their guitarist Luis Antonio Salcedo. This set of music is entitled Sacred Geometry, including Salcedo's pieces Dots, Lines, Triangles, Squares, and Circles. 



With their 2014 debut album, Más P’alla Va, RDL+ is building an original sound that embodies the members’ collective ideas, inspirations, and histories.  RDL+ is Ruthie Dineen on keys, Doug Lee on bass, Steve Weems on drums, Luis Salcedo on guitar, plus(+) the Bay Area's best up-and-coming musicians. The group focuses on writing and playing original compositions, while taking both lyrical and open improvisations on the pieces.  While maintaining an aesthetic stemming from traditional jazz, the group experiments with odd meters, timbre, form, and melodic ideas.  Nonetheless, the exploratory nature of the group is always rooted in the essence of the composed or arranged pieces.

Doug Lee, bass
Ruthie Dineen, piano
Steve Weems, drums
Luis Salcedo, guitar

Ruthie Dineen Website | Doug Lee's Website | RDL+ Facebook

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Andrew Vickers

Andrew Vickers was born in Los Angeles California in 1985.  He began his music studies in piano at the age of 5 and began playing guitar at the age of 11.  In 2008 he graduated with a B.A. in Music from the University of California Santa Cruz, with a concentration in classical guitar, composition, and piano.  While at UC Sant Cruz he studied with Mezut Ozgen and David Cope.  In 2014 he recieved his M.M. in composition from the San Francisco Coservatory of Music, where he studied composition under David Garner and worked with David Conte.

For the past 20 years Andrew has been playing and performing music.  As a performer he has played at numerous clubs, bars, and restaurants in California, as well as with multiple ensembles and bands whose music ranges from Classical, Latin, Jazz, to Rock.  He currently plays in the Jazz/Funk Band MangoBus, which performs in the Bay Area.

Along with performance, Andrew is an acclaimed composer who writes in multiple styles.  Although his true passion is Classical Composition, he writes and collaborates extensively in the styles of Jazz, Funk, Rock, electronic based music, and Cabaret.  He has worked with various ensembles, dancers, painters, and groups to create not only musical works, but both visual and performance art as well. 

“ It Never Entered My Mind' was one of two compositions to address the relationship between man and the environment in which he is embedded. Vickers’ perspective of the environment was a cosmic one, taking on the infinite context that surrounds the individual. For all of its intimidating scope, the music had a quietude that seemed to capture the individual’s capacity for focus when surrounded with the vast expanse of the universe." - Stephen Smoliar, SF Examiner

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