MiQ {em-ai-kuə}, an off the chain night celebrating queer folk's resilience through multifaceted performances which include music, dance, and spoken word! 

Performing on this queer-tastic night with some lyrical tastes MC CHHOTI MAA; blessing the stage, qpoc actress, poet, and youth development worker Lisa Evans; lyrics and dance by Dio Ganhdih & A. W. Chan.; and performing spoken word we have Terisa Siagatonu featuring Janae Johnson. Last but not lease comedian, Noemi Shah who will be wrapping the night off filled with contagious laughter! Curators Layel Camargo and Noemi Shah will be hosting this magical evening.  


Lisa Evans

Most recently seen as a performance artist as a part of Queer Rebels Fest, Brouhaha: QTPOC Activist-Comics Rise Up and as an ensemble cast member in The Love Balm For My Spirit Child, a theatrical performance based on the testimonies of Bay Area mothers who have lost children to violence. They can also be seen in award winning filmmaker Cheryl Dunye’s short film Black Is Blue.

Lisa is also the co-founder of the How Spirit Moves Us Project, a community based project focused on using performance art to celebrate the struggles, resistance and resilience of Black Queer and Trans folks.



Lyrical skills by CHHOTI MAA, born out of a tradition of migrants and forced by the Mexican post-NAFTA exodus my raps have roots in my grandmothers poetic recitation. I developed through poetry and got training in gospel and soul singing in Albany, Georgia. In 2007, CHHOTI MAA established herself as a rapper/singer in Richmond VA in 2007, but really deepened her freestyle & lyrical skills in Trujillo, Peru in 2010. CHHOTI MAA's music deals with decolonial living, migrant swag and reconstructing the womyn temple. CHHOTI MAA is a cultural producer-organizer, educator, bruja, writer and artist. 

Soundcloud | Facebook | Bandcamp

Dio Ganhdih

Dio Ganhdih is a queer indigenous rapper with a heart beat bassed in Brooklyn, an imagination spun in upstate New York, and a nervous system best suited for the Bay Area. From deep within Mother Nature's beauterus, Dio Ganhdih, otherwise known as Heavily Falling Snow, delivers subhersive and unapologetically raw rhymes. Dio utilizes poetry and lyricism to push cultural resiliency while resisting settler-colonialism and distorting imperialist visions of her native homeland.


A. W. Chan

A. W. Chan is a multicultural advocate for social justice and community empowerment. She utilizes her voice and body as instruments to reflect her environment and to connect with others through personal testimony, structural knowledge and empowered action

Terisa Tinei Siagatonu

Terisa Tinei Siagatonu is a spoken word artist/arts educator and community organizer from the Bay Area. A graduate of the University of California, Santa Cruz, she is currently the Project Director for PIER: the Pacific Islander Education and Retention project at UCLA, an access project that exists to combat the low matriculation rates of Pacific Islander students into higher education by offering services ranging from free tutoring, mentorship, and peer advising to Pacific Islander high school students in Los Angeles. Her emergence into the spoken word world as a queer Samoan women and activist has granted her the opportunities to perform on stages ranging from Boston’s Cutler Majestic Theatre to Climate Change conversations in Paris, France. She has worked as a poet mentor with Youth Speaks, the leading nonprofit organization for spoken word youth. Her devotion to her Pacific Islander people and her work with college access and spoken word poetry helps her to drive the development of Pacific Islander youth, advocating for self-empowerment so they can create sustainable impact in their communities, starting with themselves.

Video | Layers - Terisa Siagatonu 
Video | Janae Johnson - "My Court" | All Def Poetry x Da Poetry Lounge


Layel Camargo

Layel Camargo (PGP:They/Them) a 26 year old educator activist and artist who is a gender non-conforming Trans-Identified person. Layel a Mexican of Mayo and Yaqui indigenous descent. Layel is a Transformative Justice healer. Layel is passionate about creating and pushing forward spaces for queer, trans and intersex people of color (QTIPOC).


Noemi Shah

Born in Guanajuato, Mexico and raised in the southside of Chicago. Noemi is a queer multidisciplinary artist who expresses her creativity through her migrant/xota experience. Giving you a glimpse into a world created by laughter, community, and self determination.

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$7-15 Sliding Scale


** No refunds or exchanges are permitted. **