Studio Grand Presents Ackamoor + Molina in Ritual of the Collective Breath


Idris Ackamoor and David Molina perform improvised, ritualistic, cleansing ceremonies in the form of music. They play a multitude of traditional acoustic and invented instruments, which are processed with electronics. Using modern technology, Molina creates sparse to dense layers, which can range from hauntingly beautiful and meditative, to dark and unnerving soundscapes. Ackamoor uses his array of instruments anchored by his signature alto and tenor saxophones emphasizing extended range, explosive multi-phonics, lyrical beauty, and intense “outside” playing.

Ritual Of The Collective Breath pays homage to the grassroots national uprising that has been precipitated by the deaths of African American men and young men of color at the hands of police.  It is a ritual to send out positive musical vibrations for the collective healing and “breathing in one complete breath” for all Americans of conscious who abhor the violence plaguing our communities from within and without!

David Molina plays classical and electric guitar, cello, Autoharp, Burmese harp, ukeline, bells, hand drum, flutes, spring machine, music boxes, Waterphone, and electronics.

Idris Ackamoor plays alto and tenor sax, invented Cymbal tree, Chinese gongs, invented battery of instruments played simultaneously (featuring a medium calypso box and a bass calypso box from Jamaica, a Russian hand painted zither, and a Mbira from Zimbabwe), various percussions (featuring Jamaican conch shell, sleigh bells, semsemia Egyptian harp, South African pan flute, nose flutes, musical spoons, didgeridoo, New Orleans “musical washboard” and harmonica, invented “Ope”, which is a bamboo instrument with saxophone mouthpiece), and various self – made bamboo flutes, along with small African balaphones, and Cajon drum box.


David Molina

David Molina is an award-winning composer, multi-instrumentalist, sound artist/designer and recording engineer. He has created music and sound for theatre, video, film, dance, performance art, radio, television, installation, and multimedia productions for the past 18 years. Recently he has been inventing and building instruments from salvaged materials, which become part of interactive, multimedia installations displayed at galleries and festivals, including a solo exhibit Transience: The Work of David Molina, at Asterisk Gallery SF (2013,) He has worked with numerous bay area theatre companies, performing arts venues, educational institutions, museums, and with several regional companies and organizations throughout the U.S., and has performed and had his music featured internationally. He is a founding member of the interdisciplinary troupe Secos Y Mojados (2009 Creative Capital grantees).

His music and bands: Ghosts and Strings, Transient, Earthlike, and Important are available on Resting Bell (Berlin,) Dorog Records (Peru,) Black Note Music (USA,) Distant Spore (USA,) or through his own D.I.Y. releases.


Idris Ackamoor  

Idris Ackamoor is an alto saxophonist, multi-instrumentalist, composer, actor, tap dancer, producer, administrator, and director. He is the Founder, Executive/Co-Artistic Director of the internationally recognized multi-disciplinary San Francisco performance company Cultural Odyssey. Idris is also the Artistic Director of the legendary world music/jazz ensemble THE PYRAMIDS. Mr. Ackamoor has been honored with TWO Lifetime Achievement Awards for his extraordinary musical and theatrical contributions. The most recent was presented in January 2012 by the renowned BBC radio personality Gilles Peterson at the Worldwide Awards Show in London. In 2003 San Francisco‘s historic magazine, The San Francisco Bay Guardian, presented Idris with his first. In 2013 Mr. Ackamoor received a James Irvine Foundation Exploring Engagement Fund Award to conduct concerts and music workshops to build the Music is the Healing Force Community Orchestra composed of a diverse array of multicultural and low-income participants culminating in concert presentations in nontraditional arts venues in San Francisco. Idris has rightfully been in the spotlight of late thanks to the renewed interest in his 1970's legendary band, THE PYRAMIDS which he re – united and since 2010 has conducted an amazing seven whirlwind European tours throughout the continent! In the last three years a stunning 12 albums have been released of Mr. Ackamoor‘s music, including the first Pyramids’ album in over 35 years entitled Otherworldly. In addition, a 3 CD box set was released entitled The Pyramids 1972 – 1976 – They Play to Make Music Fire. In 2004 Idris released his third CD, Homage to Cuba. In 1999 Idris released his second jazz CD entitled, Centurian and in 1998 he recorded and released his first CD, Portrait. Idris has received an Individual Artists Award from the San Francisco Cultural Equity Program to compose for the next PYRAMIDS’ album.



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