On this night, Heather and Diana will take you on a musical journey through songs of love and nature as they sing and share stories of their bicycle music tour back in December 2014 around the Island of Oahu, Hawaii. 

Four musicians set out on a Bicycle Music Tour around Oahu to encourage more people to bike on the island. On this night of music at the Studio, Gameros and Normandale will share stories about their adventures on the Island.

The musicians involved in the Tour  wanted to bring awareness to what’s happening on Oahu roadways, and it’s not much biking. Increased pollution is affecting life on the Island for everyone (major traffic jams, hovering smog, more cars than people!). The team of musicians has worked with the Hawaii Bike League to plan music events aimed at influencing the transportation habits of Honolulu, hoping to create an environment that is more bike friendly. In time and with continued efforts, they hope to make Bicycle Music events a yearly celebration. As a result of this creative effort, they hope that Honolulu will gradually get more bike lanes and create more of a bike culture. The musicians that are part of this effort included: Justin Ancheta, Diana Gameros, Maren Metke, and Heather Normandale.


Diana Gameros

Diana Gameros is a Latin singer/songwriter who performs songs of love, longing, and hope. Originally from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico and now living in Berkeley, California Gameros creates authentic, inspiring music that reflects the 21st century experiences of a young indie artist at the borderlands between cultures, languages, and genres. San Francisco's 7x7 Magazine regarded Diana as "A Bay Area musician to watch". Whether teasing every ounce of expression from her acoustic guitar in an intimate cafe or bringing people to their feet in a club with her dynamic full band, Gameros transfixes listeners with her soaring vocals and captivating stage presence. 



Heather Normandale

Heather's music is an exploration of the space between our earthy, aqueous nature and the subconscious. Melodic and rootsy "mermaid" folk structured around emotive vocal parts, and rolling fingerpicking rhythms on banjo, guitar, and mandolin. Heather's songwriting themes center around finding models in nature and speak to that spark of starlight in our hearts and water in our eyes that we find reflected in the world around us. Heather has toured on many bike-powered sustainable energy tours with the Pleasant Revolution, in the US and Europe. Her band includes Paul Sounder, Craig Miller, and Marlon Aldena on balafon, cajon and upright bass.

Her newest album Trembling Water plays on various the water analogies, alluding to the creative process, models in nature, and acknowledging water as life. It subtly invites listeners to heal their world and their bodies through intention and love.





Eventbrite - A Night for the Soul to Sing w/Diana Gameros + Heather Normandale

$10-$15 sliding scale