Studio Grand welcomes a new project featuring members of the Bay’s hottest Balkan & Latin bands coming together in preparation for a journey to Istanbul, Turkey. Members from local Balkan bands (Inspector Gadje, MWE, La Pêche) and Latin bands (LoCura, Makrú) will treat you to a night of unique cross-bay bands collaboration. Join us for this show and donate what you can to help these musicians get to Turkey!

Paul Bertin, Alto Sax
Sean Tergis, Percussion
Melissa Cruz, Flamenco Baile & Palmas
Bob Sanders, Guitar
Kata Miletich, Vocals
Izzy Weiser, Bass
Morgan Nilsen, Clarinet
Marco Peris, Drums & Percussion
Raul Vargas, Cajon & Vocals



CALIFAS MESTIZO MUSIC: Direct from San Francisco’s fertile music scene, LoCura taps into the diverse sounds that have a rich history in the Bay Area, weaving them together in an uncanny way to reveal their common roots. Mixing Flamenco with Reggae and Cumbia with Ska through contagious rhythms and multiple languages, their music takes you on a ride through a day in the emerging globalized experience where the movement of people and ideas are in constant flux. Reflecting lead vocalist Kata’s own experience of growing up Spanish American in Spain, Italy, and the U.S., LoCura’s music rides the borders of identity and migration piecing together a mosaic of our myriad cultures and experiences. In Spain the expression "Ida y Vuelta" is used to describe certain styles within Flamenco that made a "round-trip" from Spain to Latin America, mixing with music from the African slave and Indigenous populations. With this idea of music traveling and music as creative resistance, LoCura takes the trip back again mixing it up with their own Califas Flamenkito, Reggae, and Cuban Son styles. Moved by the music that crosses borders and takes root in different lands, LoCura draws from this creative 'rebelde' spirit to cultivate the cures passed on from our ancestors.

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Landing in San Francisco from different parts of the world, Makrú fuses Rumba Flamenca, Reggae, Cuban Son, Cumbia, Ska, and other global beats to create a unifying, positive vibe in the Bay Area through its music.  Lyrics in Spanish and English bring reality, fiction, hope and joy together, in hopes of spreading a message of respect and love.   |  Facebook   |  Twitter  |  Bandcamp

Inspector Gadje

With up to 12 musicians (10 horns and 2 percussionists), Bay Area-San Francisco-based Inspector Gadje brings a big sound to the beautiful and bumpin’ brass band music of the Balkans of south-eastern Europe. Hearing Inspector Gadje is love at first listen. The driving, tight groove of low brass and drums with soaring melodies from trumpets, saxophones, and clarinet incite joy and dance from the very first downbeat. Inspector Gadje ignites the dance floor and makes the party wherever they play, be it clubs (including notable venues such as the MGM Arena, Fox Theater, Palace Of Fine Arts, The Independent, Ashkenaz, Café du Nord, The New Parish, Rickshaw Stop, and Yoshi’s to name a few) weddings, parties, and street festivals.

La Pêche

La Pêche is an ensemble of young Bay Area musicians who come together to create an intoxicating blend of East European folkloric traditions and jazz & improvised performance.

"La Pêche" refers to a French expression for a heightened physical and spiritual state ; which the group aims to convey through their wild compositions, deep soundscapes and fiery solos.

The band was formed in 2012 by saxophonist Paul Bertin, accordionist Ofir Uziel and clarinetist Morgan Nilsen. JonJon Selin joined the group on drums in 2013,  bringing the perfect energy to the new balkan jazz sound of La Pêche.


$10-$30 sliding scale


** No refunds or exchanges are permitted. **