Join us for the record release party of 'Imaginational Anthem vol. 7,' the latest installment in Tompkins Square's long-running solo acoustic guitar anthology series. The night will feature Chuck Johnson and Simon Scott.

Little Nicky's is a monthly series curated by Noah Phillips and Chuck Johnson. Each installment features a set by a Bay Area artist or group whose sound will complement the special atmosphere of Studio Grand, a multi-use arts space with intimate and lush acoustics. Guitarist and composer Chuck Johnson will open each show with a solo performance. 



Chuck Johnson is a composer and musician residing in Oakland, CA. He approaches his work with an ear towards finding faults and instabilities that might reveal latent beauty, with a focus on American Primitive guitar, experimental electronics, and minimalist composition. Recordings of his work have been published by Three Lobed, Strange Attractors Audio House, Merge, Communion, and Amish, among others.

He has been featured on the Tompkins Square compilations Beyond Berkeley Guitar and Imaginational Anthem, and in 2011 his solo acoustic guitar debut A Struggle Not A Thought was released on Strange Attractors Audio House. His follow-up solo LP Crows In The Basilica was released to critical acclaim on Three Lobed Recordings in May of 2013. He is also active in soundtrack composition and sound design for film and television, and is the composer for the popular PBS series A Chef's Life.



Simon Scott is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and sound designer from Cambridge, England. He is also the drummer in UK shoegaze legends Slowdive who worked with Brian Eno on their album ‘Souvlaki’ (1993) on Creation records.

Scott’s recent acoustic guitar recording ‘Trees Return To Soil’ is a highlight on Tompkins Square label’s recent ‘Imaginational Anthems 7’ compilation (Feb 2015). James Blackshaw’s 2014 album ‘Fantômas: Le Faux Magistrat’ also features co-writing credits with Scott.

His third album ‘Below Sea Level’ was released on US label 12k in 2012 focuses on field recordings from Fenland areas of East Anglia. In 2015 acclaimed UK label Touch will rerelease the 80-page journal and live recording of this audio/visual project. This was followed on 12/12/2012 by the collaborative album 'BETWEEN' featuring Scott with Taylor Deupree, Illuha and Marcus Fisher (also released on 12k). Respected German record label Kompakt included Scott's track 'For Martha' on the prestigious compilation 'Pop Ambient 2012' and 'Of You (Für Betty)' on ‘Pop Ambient 2014’. His sophomore album 'Bunny' was released in October 2011 following his debut album 'Navigare' in October 2009 on Miasmah (both albums were "Album Of The Week" on and picked up critical acclaim worldwide. A 7" released on Sonic pieces was released January 2011 and was voted's 'Single of the year' and features Nils Frahm on Piano and engineering duties.

Scott also co-wrote tracks for the second The Sight Below album 'It All Falls Apart' released on Ghostly International in April 2010 and is a member of ‘Seavault’ (Morr Music). Scott also runs the label KESH and has remixed and collaborated with Isan, James Blackshaw, Chris Willits, Jasper TX, Machinefabriek, Richard Chartier, Taylor Deupree, Sawako and Papercutz.

Tompkins Square is a San Francisco-based record label, celebrating its ten year Anniversary this fall. The label has released music across many genres, reissuing old-time, gospel and folk recordings as well as signing new artists. Tompkins Square label has received seven Grammy nominations. 'Imaginational Anthem vol. 7' is the latest installment in the label's long-running solo acoustic guitar anthology series. The FADER calls Imaginational Vol. 7, "Once again the greatest thing going in acoustic guitar."

'Imaginational Anthem Vol. 7' is compiled by 20 year old guitarist Hayden Pedigo, from Amarillo, TX. Hayden has recently been featured in Vogue and The FADER behind his own recent album release, 'Five Steps'.  Hayden's curation represents a balanced cross-section across the modern solo acoustic guitar spectrum. Vol. 7 is also the most geographically diverse of all volumes in the series, with players hailing from Lisbon, Malta, South America and the UK as well as the US. As with previous volumes, this one truly represents the state of the art - an area of evolving musical expression that is very vibrant and healthy indeed.

Tompkins Square's very first release was 'Imaginational Anthem Vol. One' in 2005, featuring American Primitive guitar pioneers like Sandy Bull, Harry Taussig, Max Ochs, Steve Mann and Suni McGrath, alongside new jack players like Jack Rose, Brad Barr (Barr Brothers), and Kaki King. The album received wide praise via Rolling Stone, NPR and MOJO, who called the album "Groundbreaking." The pairing of old and new would continue through vols. 1-3. The first three volumes are collected as a box set. Volumes four and five focused solely on all new players, giving many folks their first taste of Chris Forsyth, Steve Gunn, William Tyler and Daniel Bachman. The first five volumes were collected in a box set, along with a bonus live disc by William Tyler. 'Imaginational Anthem Volume 6 : Origins of American Primitive Guitar' stretched the timeline all the way back to the first recorded solo acoustic guitar performances of the 20's & 30's. Artists like Sylvester Weaver, Sam McGee, Riley Puckett and Lemeul Turner created the template for John Fahey, and all who followed.  |  Facebook  |  Twitter


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