A night of free and not so free improvisation featuring two wildly different duos interacting with each other.


Christopher Luna & Diego Villaseñor

Chris plain listening.jpg

Christopher Luna will be leaving Oakland to pursue his PHD at the University of Virginia in a couple of months.  Christopher is part of duo with long time collaborator Diego Villaseñor, who will be in Oakland during April and May. The duo’s work is deeply rooted in a careful listening of the environment that surrounds us, borrowing its sounds as foundations for musical content. As resources for this task, they use extended techniques, spectral harmonies and field recordings. The duo will perform an improvisation set with piano, electric guitar, objects TBD and electronics. 






I·MA [ii-ma] 今.  瞬間.

Electronics (Jeanie-Aprille Tang) + Percussion (Nava Dunkelman)

Electro-Percussive duo of Jeanie-Aprille Tang and Nava Dunkelman. The origin of this project came from the intention to evoke emotions through timbres in percussion and electronics, as well as elements of structured improvisation.


Christopher Luna, piano
Diego Villaseñor, electric guitar

Jeanie-Aprille Tang, electronica
Nava Dunkelman, percussion

$10-$15 sliding scale