Dub music with abandon, post rock, and synths.

Lord Tang

Lord Tang is a project of crumpled beats and melodies; the latest solo incarnation of Dominic Cramp. Influenced as much by ancient dubs as it is by modern arrangements, it finds its space amongst the future travels of Demdike Stare, Actress, Zomby, King Midas Sound, Harmonic 313 and the like.


Dominic Cramp


...released his first music for public consumption in 1995 on the ambient experimental electronic label, Silent Records, as Arthur Dent. Many years and monikers later, he is still releasing music. Mostly mining an experimental and electronic vein of organic debris, collected from an ever expanding library of field recordings and captured sound; Cramp's solo projects include Borful Tang, Lord Tang and Qulfus. He plays in the organ/drums/electronics duo, Tiberius, and the electro-acoustic collective, Vulcanus 68 while touring internationally and recording with Carla Bozuluch’s Evangelista. He is also active mixing, mastering and contributing to numerous other projects in the San Francisco Bay Area where he is based.



Stratic is an electro-acoustic trio that combines post-rock, jazz and free improvisation. Using an array of synthesizers, percussion, and electronically processed saxophone, Stratic creates delicate soundscapes, driving beats and improvised melodies.  


Michael Coleman, keyboards & electronics
Aram Shelton, saxophone & processing via Max/MSP
Alex Vittum, drums & modular synthesizer.



Michael Coleman

Michael Coleman is a pianist, improviser and composer currently residing in Brooklyn, NY. He has had the pleasure of playing with many great musicians and recording with some of his favorite bands and people. Apart from leading his own groups (Beep!, CavityFang, Young Nudist), Michael has toured the world with Chris Cohen, tUnE-yArDs, Sean Hayes, Miles Kurosky and Jug Free America.

Alex Vittum

Alex Vittum is a composer, percussionist, and electronic musician based in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is a member of several groups including For Now, Intervales, and performs solo electro-acoustic works as Prism. Alex has collaborated with a diverse group of musicians, composers and choreographers including Roswell Rudd, Kitty Brazleton, John Dieterich, Daniel Carter, Stuart Dempster, Paul Kikuchi and Gina Gibney Dance. He has a BA from Bennington College, an MFA from Mills College and studied percussion with Milford Graves and William Winant. Alex is a recording engineer/producer and an educator in both music and wood working. He is a technician for synthesizer pioneer Don Buchla and an independent music technology consultant.

Aram Shelton

Since 2001, Shelton has been using computer based live sampling via Max/MSP in a variety of setting to process and extend acoustic instruments.  In 2002 he formed the duo Grey Ghost (482 Music) with the drummer Johnathan Crawford. The Wire found their music to be a “focused symbiosis of breath and circuitry”. In 2007 he received his MFA in Electronic Music from Mills College where he studied with John Bischoff, Maggie Payne and Chris Brown. His thesis focused on the use of live sampling to extend and rearrange the sounds of acoustic instruments in a live performance setting. Since graduating he has taught  at the Oakland School for the Arts and has led improvisation and electroacoustic music workshops in San Francisco, at UC Santa Cruz, Evergreen State University and the jazz school in Luzern (CH).  From 2010 to 2012 he joined Michael Coleman and Alex Vittum in the trio Stratic. All About Jazz compared their music to “a waking dream memory of music”. In the past year, Shelton has focused on solo electroacoustic music, based on explorations of the resonant feedback frequencies that are unique to the saxophone. Due to the ongoing concept of sonic rearrangement, Shelton has chosen the anagram Tonal Masher as an apt moniker.


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