9Fingers is an avant-jazz duo, consisting of pianist Andrew Jamieson and drummer David Douglas. The name of the group refers to a traditional West-African rhythm and dance called “Bolokonondo”. This rhythm is part of a larger family of rhythms, collectively known as Dununba, and they are considered by many to be the national rhythms and dances of Guinea. These traditional rhythms are rhythmically charged, extremely exciting, and provide a fertile ground for spontaneous expression. In addition to using this rhythm as a launching point for their own interpretive improvisations, 9Fingers perform a variety of original compositions that require the rhythmic discipline, concentration, and spontaneity of Dununba drumming.  The group recorded and released their debut album entitled ABSTRACTIONS!, in April of 2015. They are currently preparing material for a follow-up release, and are commissioning new works from other Bay Area composers.


Andrew Jamieson, piano
David Douglas, drums

David Douglas 

David Douglas is a multi instumentalist, composer, and music teacher based out of Oakland, CA. His major area of expertise is percussion, having been an active performer and collaborator in a wide variety of ensembles for over 25 years. He is currently performing as a solo artist, in the avant-jazz duo 9fingers with pianist and composer Andrew Jamieson, with William Ryan Fritch in the group Porchdub, and as a member of the Lightbulb Ensemble. In the recent past, he has performed and recorded with William Winant, Ellen Fullman, John Vanderslice, Tommy Guerrero, Sasha Bell, Cory Branan, Mark Eitzel, Cursive, Mandarin, and The Baptist Generals. In addition to his work as a private music teacher in percussion and piano, he has taught music theory at Mills College and drum set at SF Rock Project. He holds a Master's in Music Composition from Mills College and a Bachelor of Music in Percussion Performance from The University of North Texas. He is endorsed by Istanbul Cymbals.

Andrew Jamieson

Andrew Jamieson is dedicated to spiritual transformation through his work as a pianist/ keyboardist, composer and arranger. With a passion for gospel music, he plays for faith communities including City of Refuge UCC in Oakland, and serves as Minister of Music at Bethel Community Presbyterian Church in San Leandro. He is dedicated to free improvisation and relentless experimentation, playing in a variety of bay area improvisational groups, including Ell3 and 9Fingers. Working to integrate these musical traditions, he composed an Avant-Gospel chamber opera Heaven Down Here, meditating on the story of Jim Jones and The People’s Temple. His latest album, Heard the Voice consists of experimental piano arrangements of African American spirituals. He completed a Master's of Arts in Music Composition at Mills College in 2013. 


Wiener Kids

Wiener Kids began as a duo with guitarist Steini Gunnarsson in 2007. After Steini moved back to Iceland Jordan picked the project up again a year later, this time with the help of reed masters Aram Shelton and Cory Wright.  In recent history the instrumental palette has expanded from drums and saxophones to include vibraphone, marimba, bells, small percussion, tin cans, gongs and bundt pans.  The music is inspired by small dogs, old bikes, muppets, cheap Halloween decorations, babies with glasses and other wiener kids. It's fast and slow, loud and soft. It draws as much from Jan Svankmajer and Hans Bellmer as Peewee Herman and Jim Hensen.  Music made by ex/current weaklings for everyone!

Cory Wright, reeds and percussion
Aram Shelton, reeds and percussion

Jordan Glenn, drums and percussion

Jordan Glenn 

Jordan Glenn is a drummer, percussionist, composer, band leader, conductor, video maker, and general craftsman who lives in Oakland, California. He spent his formative years in Oregon drawing cartoons, taking dance classes from his aunt, and putting on plays with his sisters.  As he got older he began making movies with his friends and studying jazz, classical, and rock music.  In 2003 Glenn received a bachelor's degree in Jazz Studies from the University of Oregon. In 2006 he relocated to the Bay Area, received a masters degree from Mills College and since has worked closely with Fred Frith, William Winant, Zeena Parkins, Roscoe Mitchell, ROVA Sax Quartet, Ben Goldberg, Todd Sickafoose, John Schott, Dominique Leone, Aaron Novik, Darren Johnston, Aram Shelton, Cory Wright, Lisa Mezzacappa, Karl Evangelista, Michael Coleman, Matthew Welch and the bands Jack O' The Clock, Arts & Sciences, 20 Minute Loop, Beep!, tUnE-yArDs, and the Oakland Active Orchestra.  He also leads and conducts the project Mindless Thing, a collaboration with poet/free-jazzer/sage Jim Ryan, as well as the long standing trio Wiener Kids and the ten piece expansion, The Wiener Kids Family Band.

Aram Shelton 

Aram Shelton is an improviser and composer. He performs on saxophone, clarinets, and live electronics. Based in Oakland, California, the projects Tonal MasherBroken Trap Ensemble, Sound Quartet, and Ton Trio II represent his music.  He is connected to Chicago (where he lived from 1999 to 2005) through his Quartet, the cooperative sextet Fast Citizens (Delmark), and Jason Adasiewicz’ Rolldown (Cuneiform). His writing and playing has been documented through more than a dozen albums since 2003 and is grounded in and influenced by the rich history of avant-jazz and free improvisation in America and Europe since the 1950s. In 2005, Shelton moved to Oakland to study electroacoustic music & recording techniques at Mills College in Oakland, California. At Mills, Shelton wrote music with a focus on the technique of phrase modification, wherein phrases played by acoustic instruments are recorded in real time and rearranged via custom built patches in MAX/MSP. He continues to improvise and compose electroacoustic music focused on the concepts illustrated in his graduate thesis Sound Extended: Replication of Acoustic Material and Phrase Modification.

Reeds player Cory Wright, educated at Oberlin College and the University of Southern California, has been involved in both the jazz and creative music worlds for the past 20 years, including time spent in New York, Los Angeles and his current home in the San Francisco bay area. His recent projects reflect his interest in blurring the distinction between composed and improvised material and in combining the harmonious with the atonal, and groove with the arrhythmic. Cory has played in ensembles lead by Anthony Braxton, Vinny Golia, Eddie Gale, Adam Rudolph and Yusef Lateef. He is currently a member of bay area groups Bristle, Wiener Kids, the Nathan Clevenger Group and the Oakland Active Orchestra, and leads his own projects Green Mitchell and the Cory Wright Outfit.


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