Oakland Freedom Jazz Society Presents Rent Romus' Life's Blood + John Krausbauer's "beats."

Rent Romus' Life's Blood Septet

Rent Romus’ Life’s Blood ensemble performs the “Rising Colossus Suite”, an exploration emergence and multiple movements.  Life’s Blood seeks to create new ways of expression in essence paying a tribute to that which make us what we are today. They explore the music of originality by its members, the surrounding community, and from those who have come before. It is that life’s blood that fuels inspiration, and sustains a deep ability to create in us all.

Compositions by Josh Allen, Anthony Braxton, Brett Carson, Joshua Marshall, Rent Romus, and John Tchicai

Mark Clifford, vibraphone
Heikki Koskinen, electronic trumpet, tenor recorder
Joshua Marshall, tenor saxophone
Timothy Orr, drums
Rent Romus, alto saxophone, flute
Safa Shokrai, double bass
Max Judelson, double bass



john krausbauer's beats

"beats" is a new composition-improvisation by john krausbauer, for three accordions. multiple pattern-variations in a closely tuned vhf range produce a dynamic field of beating patterns, difference tones, acoustic phenomena, and inner ear auditory hallucination. 

john krausbauer, accordion
aaron openheim, accordion
ven voisey, accordion   

$10-$15 sliding scale