Alicia BT will present a work-in-progress entitled An Unexpected Tall Person, full of surprises and mysterious guests. She is inviting you on an adventure to the heart of her creative journey.

Alicia B.T. 

Alicia B.T. is a young Franco-American singer, musician, author, and composer. Her music is inspired by many cultures. She started improvising songs as a child and was accepted at age 11 in the Jazz program of Marciac's Junior High School in France. From there, she was admitted to the artistic program at CEPMO High School after which she got a State scholarship to study theatre, mime, and dance at L'oeil du Silence in the south of France, run by Anne Sicco. There, she studied among talented artists and teachers. She studied composing and singing at La Manufacture de la Chanson in Paris. She then graduated and started traveling.  She has been performing in many venues and in the streets wherever she goes.

Her street performance experience; her encounters with people; her spiritual path; and her concern for humanity are the main sources of her inspiration. One of her encounters was with Michael Rodriguez which led to the recording her Album L'innatendu d'une grande personne. The title expresses the unexpectedness of adulthood as well as that of a tall person. 


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