Studio Grand presents a night with Chilean singer, songwriter, and pianist (me llamo) Sebastián along with local two local sweet and moody ballad makers, Try the Pie and Little Sister. It will be a beautiful night!

(me llamo) Sebastián

(me llamo) Sebastián is a Chilean singer, pianist, and songwriter who started out as a fat, ugly, weird, nerdy, gay kid, and ended up finding success through writing and singing about being fat, ugly, weird, nerdy, and gay.

Today, he is still an outcast, but he is an outcast who has performed at the LAMC (NYC), Festival Siguiente Escena (Mexico City), MFest (Santiago, CL), Micsur (La Plata, Arg), among many other prestigious international stages. He released his most recent album La Belleza in July 2015, and was recently profiled by Remezcla, who described his work as, “consistently challenging the squeaky clean, normalized image of the LGBTQ mainstream.”

Website | La Fiesta Video | Niños Rosados Video | Órbita Video


Try the Pie

Try the Pie is a solo effort by Bean Kaloni Tupou, who has been in such bands as Sourpatch, Salt Flat, Crabapple and Plume. Try The Pie released their first full-length record on Salinas Records titled 'Domestication' in Spring 2015.

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Little Sister 

Little Sister  - Moody garbage rock, flurries of happy rainbow queerness and catholic school despair, opposite a very cute big brother.

"Little Sister are an East Bay-based trio that pull from classic soul, garage rock and late '70s post-punk. That may sound like an odd combination to you, because it is. But it works ---in no small part thanks to Little Sister's lead singer, who is a force to be reckoned with. She has the piercing ferocity of Siouxie Sioux and the incredible vulnerability of Patti Smith. The band pounds away behind her, twisting and turning along with her every move and intonation, accenting all the words she spits out. It's an emotional roller coaster ride, but a fun one." -San Jose Metro

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$10-$15 sliding scale