Oakland Freedom Jazz Society presents The Sound Effekt and Johnson/Boyce/Ewell.

The Sound Effekt

The Sound Effekt, a band, a vibe, an experience. Drummer Galen Grant, guitarist Mike Wynar and woodwind maestro Dave Tidball coalesce to spark creative audiences and explore the vast nuances of improvised music. After meeting over the years in funk and straight ahead jazz settings, the members of The Sound Effekt diverge from their roots to create an elastic rhythmic pocket while embracing the 'stream of consciousness' values adopted by the early freedom music pioneers. From the textures and timbres of brass and bronze, the amplitude of electrified strings, to the woody resonance of the bass clarinet, this trio seeks to excite your sensory palette!



Though the first time in this trio format, tenor saxophonist David Boyce, trumpeter Darren Johnston, and bassist David Ewell have played off and on together for a lot of years now in a variety of settings, each one of them a fixture in the Bay Area jazz and improvised music scenes since the 90's. This evening's concert should prove to feature a remarkable set of improvistations by these thoughtful, open hearted, ever imaginative and soulful artists.

Darren Johnson, trumpet
David Boyce, tenor sax 
David Ewell, bass

$10-$15 sliding scal