Wiener Kids

Brain child of drummer/composer Jordan Glenn, Wiener Kids is Oakland's premier bizarro saxophones/drums trio.  Formed in 2007, with help from reed masters Aram Shelton and Cory Wright, Wiener Kids continues to straddle the line between the profound and whimsical.


Jordan Glenn, Drums/Melodica/Percussion
Aram Shelton, Alto Sax/Bass Clarinet/Percussion
Cory Wright, Bari Sax/Clarinet/Percussio




Similar Fashion

Logan Hone’s Similar Fashion is a quartet of some of LA’s most creative musicians drawing from elements of New York’s Downtown scene of musicians (such as John Zorn, Tim Berne, Claudia Quintet), contemporary classical music, and indie rock. Similar Fashion combines these influences through the lens of Logan’s totally individual compositional sound. Exploring intricate composition, collective improvisation, and a unique instrumentation, this band has a completely modern take on avant-garde jazz.

“ a mostly irreverent romp full of chaotic sounds deftly organized by Hone”
-LA Weekly

Logan Hone, Alto Saxophone
Lauren Baba, Viola
Gregory Uhlmann, Guitar
Jesse Quebbeman, Turley: Drums

$10-$15 sliding scale