Jensen Engineering is an ensemble created in 2015 in order to provide an eclectic array of sonic textures influenced by the masters of classical, jazz, and popular styles of music. Each performance witnessed will be a fleeting, singular experience provided by a variety of talented artists from the Bay Area and beyond.

Jensen Engineering (JE) is an original, multi-instrumental musical project created by Jonathan Seiberlich. Inspired by the uncontrollable changes that happen in life, the band's namesake comes from an old company (owned by Jonathan's Grandfather) that burned to the ground. The cast of this ensemble is ever-changing, and live performances feature a wide array of sonic textures. In JE's debut album(Album # One), Jonathan has pulled from his eclectic range of influences in order to create something honest and unique.



Jonathan Seiberlich

Jonathan Seiberlich is a Bay Area native, multi-instrumentalist, performer, composer, teacher, and social entrepreneur. Most nights, He can be found playing the tuba in a wide variety of local music ensembles performing in styles ranging from classical to jazz to electronic dance. In Jensen Engineering, Jonathan hopes to create an experience that is continually evolving, that pulls inspiration from the many talented artists and musicians that live in the Bay Area(and beyond!).

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