PLEASE READ: Unfortunately, this performance has been cancelled at the artist's request. We hope to reschedule the event in the near future. We apologize if this has caused an inconveniences.  ~ Studio Grand



Enheduana is the avatar Molly Clinehens uses to embody and manifest her work/play as a composer, musician and visual performer, and dream- and chant-based shaman-in-training.  She lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and is currently completing an intensive three-year music composition workshop with Ricardo Capellano at the Manuel de Falla Conservatory.

She is grateful for this opportunity to visit her old neighborhood and share music at Studio Grand, in the good company of Nadia Shihab and other guests. 



Nadia Shihab

Nadia Shihab is a filmmaker and experimental musician based in the Bay Area. She plays with chance and improvisation to discover new visual and sonic rhythms. Her documentary films have screened in festivals internationally and explore themes of place, memory and dislocation. In her live performances, she uses delay and repetition to build dark atmospheres and rhythms streaked with melodic phrasing. Trained as a violinist, she now performs primarily with hardware electronics.

Enheduana, voice, piano, loop pedal, other instruments
Nadia Shihab, synth, drum machine, loop and delay pedals

$7-15 Sliding Scale