Oakland Freedom Jazz Society presents... 

Josh Allen/John Finkbeiner/Timothy Orr (trio)

Josh Allen - Saxophone
John Finkbeiner - Guitar
Timothy Orr - Drums/Percussion

Orr, a Wesleyan University English major with a useful and exciting background in Medieval and Renaissance literature, was also a student of Ed Blackwell. He has played with a number of musicians in many genres, including local and international artists Josh Roseman, Stephen Schwartz, Damon Smith, Eli Wallace, Tony Malaby, John Finkbeiner, Joshua Allen, Marco Eneidi, Richard Hell, Randy Hunt, Henry Kaiser, Adam Lane, Scott Looney, Rent Romus, Aram Shelton, William Winant, Sung Kim, and many others.

Orr has appeared on a number of CDs. With Rent Romus’ Life’s Blood, he has recorded The Rising Colossus Suite (2016); The Otherworld Cycle (2015); Cimmerian Crossroads (2014) and Truth Teller (2013); all for Edgetone Records. 




Jaroba - Multiple Reeds
Tristan Norton - Guitar/Bass
Donald Robinson - Drums/Percussion

Described as a ‘percussive dervish’ (Coda) Donald Robinson is a technical master of the drums. He is a stalwart of the of San Francisco bay area avant-garde jazz scene, playing and recording with many of the area’s improvisational players, from saxophonists John Tchicai, Marco Eneidi and Larry Ochs to koto player Miya Masaoka and pianist Matthew Goodheart, and with prominent visitors like Cecil Taylor, Wadada Leo Smith, George Lewis, trumpeter Raphe Malik and Canadian pianist Paul Plimley. Much of this work has featured the combination of Robinson and bassist Lisle Ellis as rhythm section: ‘the best bass-drums tag team on the scene’ (Jazz Times). His longest musical association, dating from the 1970’s, was with the late tenor saxophonist Glenn Spearman.

Tristan Norton is a guitarist, bassist, composer, and improvisor and graduate of the California Jazz Conservatory who has performed in many capacities in the Bay Area music scene namely as a jazz artist and new music artist. 

Jaroba (James Robert Barnes) is a Woodwind, electronics, Invented Insturments, and Photographer. As a composer who has written music film, and stage. Has been awarded by the Kennedy Center. Studied saxophone with Frank Litell, Steve Adams.

Doors: 9:00PM, 9:30PM
$7 - $15 Suggested Donation