MiQ {em-ai-kuə}, an off the chain night curated by Layel Camargo, celebrating queer folk's resilience through multifaceted performances which include music, dance, and spoken word! 


Sariyah Idan

Trained in jazz & folk, hip-hop & soul educated, Sariyah Idan is heavily influenced by the music of her Jewish roots and the classic sounds of dub/reggae. She weaves her sound as a tapestry spun from her multicultural urban American experience while her lyricism is rooted in the practice of Overstanding, the fifth element of hip-hop. Fusicology reviewed the release of her debut solo EP Deeper Than Skin in December 2014 as “powerful, soulful, spirited songs filled with stories of joy, struggle, love and social justice”.

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Dio Ghandh

Dio Ganhdih is a queer indigenous rapper with a heart beat bassed in Brooklyn, an imagination spun in upstate New York, and a nervous system best suited for the Bay Area. From deep within Mother Nature's beauterus, Dio Ganhdih, otherwise known as Heavily Falling Snow, delivers subhersive and unapologetically raw rhymes. Dio utilizes poetry and lyricism to push cultural resiliency while resisting settler-colonialism and distorting imperialist visions of her native homeland.




ca$h money is a spoken word poet and rapper. Based out of Pittsburg, CA, 19 years fresh inspires to connect with people and help other with words. Ca$h money taps into the power of healing that comes with music. Music and Poetry is a practice of poetic therapy. "Music is a form of expressing my freedom and finding liberation." 

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$7-$15 sliding scale