Sparse musical melancholia about the ephemeral such as stars, mermaids, love, and smoke, by two Oakland music acts, starting off with bokeh and ending the night with Underwoman and the Believers. Come dream and get lost with us. 

Underwoman and the Believers

Underwoman and the Believers is the brainchild of writer/pianist/vocalist Carolyn Chen with Gabriel Eriksson (bass), Albert Yeh (guitar), and Julius Cheng (drums). Named after the anti-hero of the novel Notes from Underground, their music is influenced by film scores, classical music, indie and electronic music, and has been described as haunting and like "melancholy merry-go-rounds in autumn." 

Underwoman and the Believers is excited to be releasing in 2016 their full-length album,no. 2, recorded at Shipwreck Studios, Oakland. They also had an exciting year including a California tour with Portland, OR writer and songwriter Dao Strom, invitations to share the stage with SF Bay Area and out-of-town touring acts (such as The Human Circuit of Austin, TX, and Ray Wild of Columbia, MO) -- and look forward to more. In addition to performing in the Bay Area, Underwoman and the Believers has also performed in Los Angeles, New York, Boston, and the Baltimore/Potomac area including at Pianos NYC, The Whisky A Go Go, Genghis Cohen, Alchemical Studios, An Die Musik, as well as three San Francisco Taiwanese American Cultural Festivals.

Carolyn Chen, piano, vocals
Gabriel Eriksson, bass guitar
Julius Cheng, drums
Albert Yeh, guitar

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Bokeh is the moniker of Oakland based musician and sound artist, Nathan Chamberlain. After independently releasing Summer EP in January 2015, Chamberlain has been working on material for Bokeh’s debut full length album. The music of Bokeh often has layered sounds of guitars, keyboards, and samples and is often described as being “ethereal” or “experimental.” Some musical influences that Chamberlain takes after in composition range from Charles Mingus, Gustav Mahler, James Brown, Toshio Hosokawa, and the Pixies. Chamberlain likes to bend rules as opposed to breaking rules and enjoys rocky road ice cream.

Nathan Chamberlain, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, tom drum, laptop, sampler, keyboard, and voice. 

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