With modern pop and R&B influences, mixed with traditional and contemporary sounds of Latin America, Monica María's Latin-soul-folk innovative compositions embody a sound that is expressive of a world where cultures coexist.


Monica Fimbrez

Monica Fimbrez is a vocalist, multi-instrumentalist (guitar, jarana, bass, percussion, and composer. She moved to San Francisco from her hometown of Lodi, CA, and graduated from San Francisco State University with a degree in vocal jazz and world music. Monica has over 12 years of experience in the genres of son jarocho, salsa, Afro-Cuban folkloric, Cuban son, rumba Española, Peruvian lando, jazz, soul, and reggae. As a result, Soul y Agua's sound is shaped by an integration of all of these colors and textures, truly supporting her message of having love, compassion, acceptance, and gratitude for the diversity that exists throughout the world, in our communities, and ultimately, within ourselves. 

She has been a member of various Bay Area bands such as Tarimba (Son Jarocho), Rumbaché (Salsa & Timba), Jesus Diaz y Su QBA (Cuban salsa/Timba), The Hitsville Soul Sisters (Motown & Soul), La Gente, Santos Perdidos and Sol Tevél. Monica has also had the privilege of studying and/or performing with esteemed musicians including John Calloway, John Santos, Jesus Diaz, Michael Spiro, Sandy Perez, Anthony Blea, Andres Flores, Patricio Hidalgo, and Liche Oseguera Rueda.

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Monica María Fimbrez, vocals, jarana, guitar
Angelica Rodriguez, vocals
Daniel Riera, bass
Sergio Duran, percussion

Door 9:30pm, Show 10pm
$10-20 sliding scale

** No refunds or exchanges are permitted **