Oakland Freedom Jazz Society presents...

Andrew Jamieson’s Trouble Ensemble

Jamieson's spirituals-based Trouble Ensemble continues to "trouble the waters" in a troubled world through deep musical dialogue.

The latest installment features the voices and musicianship of:
Mia Bella D'Augelli
Rent Romus
Joshua Marshall
Roger Kim
Jakob Pek
Tim DeCillis

Trouble Ensemble is dedicated to the tradition of invigorating conversation known as improvised music. With west African-inspired sounds of jazz and gospel music, and new sounds innovated from a tradition of experimentation, players use their own musical voices to share stories and truths.

They present arrangements by pianist, composer and arranger Andrew Jamieson, expanded from his solo album Heard the Voice. This album is itself in dialogue with the tradition of African American spirituals and the voices that emerge in rendering them.




Downtempo orchestral eclectica, solo DJ/VJ set with live instruments (often trombone, trumpet, accordion, and others).

Website | Soundcloud

Doors 9:00PM, Show 9:30PM
$5 - $15 Suggested Donation