A Night of New Songs with Denny Denny Breakfast and Honey Noble (Seattle)

Honey Noble

Front woman Katie Jacobson writes in any and every style. Sometimes seriously sexy synth pop, sometimes rhymes about going to school, sometimes 70s love songs, sometimes a pizza dance party. This band loves to shake it up. Katie's thoughtful lyrics and powerful singing tie everything together marrying seriousness with humor at every moment.

Vocals/Keys: Katie Jacobson
Synth/BG Vocals: Andrew Olmstead
Bass/BG Vocals: Abbey Blackwell
Drums/BG Vocals: Evan Woodle



Denny Denny Breakfast

Denny Denny Breakfast (ddb) is the music project of Bob LaDue based in Oakland CA.   The live band has a rotating set of members, and no 2 ddb shows are ever the same.   Influenced by horatiu radelescu, pop music, death metal, cuban folkloric religious music and many other genres as well.  Bob enjoys making hummus, drinking sour beer, instrument building, rumba, rock climbing, zombies and much much more.  ddb will perform selections from the newest album Caelum.

Vocals/etc.: Bob LaDue
Vocals: Saki Minamimoto
Vocals: Sarah Woods
Violin: Mia Bella
Piano/Vocals: Devin Smith
Bass: Max Judelson
Percussion: Aaron Gold
Percussion: Mark Clifford
Drums/Percussion: Jordan Glenn


Door 9:00pm, Show 9:30pm
$10-15 sliding scale

** No refunds or exchanges are permitted **