Portland-based percussion and noise ensemble Secret Drum Band will present their first ever Oakland performance at Studio Grand. The ensemble recently completed their first studio album, and a special tour EP which previews the album will be available at the show on cassette and digital download. Jackie-O Motherfucker opens up the night with experimental music.


Secret Drum Band

Secret Drum Band is a noise and percussion ensemble featuring composer Lisa Schonberg, percussionists Sara Lund, Allan Wilson, Heather Treadway, Anthony Brisson, and tonal/noise musicians Alison Clarys and Sam Humans. Secret Drum Band's sound touches upon aspects of minimalist and experimental music while being driven by repetitive phrasings of rock and pop beats set in captivating arrangements. Lisa Schonberg's compositions for the ensemble are often place-based explorations of soundscapes, species assemblages, ecological function, and movement. The ensemble also performs pieces that Schonberg composed with Treadway and Wilson for their trio HITS. The five percussionists rotate through five percussion setups of drums, found percussion and handmade instruments. Clarys and Humans use their voice, guitar, lapsteel, Schonberg's field recordings and live processing to build a net of ambient sound that the percussion rests in.

Lisa Schonberg is a musician, artist and natural historian. Much of her recent work integrates her interests through creative documentation of soundscapes, insects, and habitat. She currently performs in HITS and STLS, and composes for her percussion ensemble Secret Drum Band. Lisa is the author of The DIY Guide to Drums, The Hylaeus Project, and Fieldguided, a series of books on insects and their habitats. She is a regular contributor to Tom Tom Magazine and is the magazine's Northwest Correspondent. Her past bands include Explode into Colors and Kickball, and she has performed or otherwise collaborated with Nadia Buyse/DUBAIS, Thao With The Get Down Stay Down, Mirah, Tara Jane Oneil, Tuneyards, Von Tundra, Neal Morgan, The Need, Thanksgiving, Cloud Eye Control, and Janet Pants, among others. She has performed at MOMA PS1, the Centre Pompidou, High Desert Test Sites, The Los Angeles Museum of Natural History, the TBA Festival (Portland), and Michigan Womyn's Music Festival. Lisa currently resides in Portland, Oregon and teaches private drum lessons at Revival Drum Shop.

Jackie-O Motherf*cker

"Inspiration is drawn from an impossibly diverse array of sound and vision: free jazz, noise rock, graffiti, space rock, folk music, Xeroxed art, the list goes on. It's safe to say, however, that the underground experiments of the 60s are a key touchstone — musically, especially the NY loft avant-garde; visually, including Harry Smith's film loops; socially, in their grubby, seat-of- the-pants approach to life and personal politics. The amazing quality of Jackie-O Motherf*cker is their ability to color experimental music and noise with more candor and emotional sophistication than most turtlenecked troubadours. The fresh creative input and enthusiasm for experimentation and sound exploration combined with strong roots in Americana has created vital records."  (Textile/France)

Born in 1966, a child of the high Dakota plains, Tom Greenwood showed inter-media tendencies early on. After spending the end of the 1980s immersed in the aesthetic milieu of rural scum rock, creating the splendid Project A-Bomb record label in the process, Greenwood drifted into the open bowels of Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Greenwood ended up in Portland, Oregon in the mid 1990s, where he had birthed the seriously disturbed musical project that continues to this day – Jackie O Motherf*cker. An extraordinarily mutable feast, Jackie O’s music encompasses everything from industrial ho-hum to acid-volk ready-mades, and has included hundreds of participants over its lifespan. Under the influence of mysterious Northwest bohemians, Greenwood studied how to spin garbage into garlands. This technique proved invaluable when he drifted back to New York City, where he connected with Thurston Moore, who encouraged his conceptual moves.

In the 21st Century, Greenwood has created dual vistas of strangeness, all of them whistling like the rings around the o-mind. The musical projects – Jackie O, the U-SOUND series, various shows and galleries – have blended into the visual ones, and splattered in a million unexpected directions.

TOM GREENWOOD guitare, voix
ALAN ZIGNOTO basse, percussion

Door 6:30pm, show 7pm
$10-15 Sliding Scale

** No refunds or exchanges are permitted. **