Join us for a night a beautiful music from 3 different East Bay acts. Lindsay Smith kicks things off with her folksy singer-songwriter sound and "rock n roll attitude." The Future Past brings us funk and jazz interpretations of film and television theme songs. Lake Lady closes the night with "new music for old souls," soothing vocals and an unexpected combination of instruments.


Lindsay Smith

Lindsay started her journey as a folk and blues inspired singer/songwriter in Long Beach, California. Seduced by the growing art and music scene she has journeyed north to Oakland picking up talented musicians that share her old-time sound and can embrace a rock n roll attitude.


Lake Lady

Lake Lady is not your typical ukulele music. Self-described as "new music for old souls", this band is comprised of Charise "Lake Lady" Sowells (songwriter), Evan Malouf a.k.a. Mountain Man (bassist), Bill Cole (accordionist), and Peter Marietta (drummer). NPR Music called the group an "amazing unsigned act." They are based in Oakland, CA and playing shows to promote Lake Lady's solo EP, Better Day. Planning to hit the studio as a band this fall and record their debut album, they have a European tour on the horizon for 2017. 



The Future Past

The Future Past is an Oakland based band that performs original funky, jazzy, twangy and latin infused instrumental arrangements of your favorite classic and current TV show theme songs. To keep things extra fresh, they also mix in obscure lounge and bossa-nova themes from 60's and 70's Italian and French cinema to create a sound that is both nostalgic and hip. The Future Past is moving forward with the soundtrack of our lives at warp speed.

$10-15 Sliding Scale

** No refunds or exchanges are permitted. **