Join us for the inaugural of Studio Grand's Balkan Night, an evening of which features (not-so-strictly) Eastern European music. This new series will occur on the third Friday of the month, so mark your calendar! The night is graciously curated by Kent Kessinger and Jordan Haar. 

Orchestra Euphonos

Orchestra Euphonos is a Bay Area-based Eastern European folk and klezmer band. Their uplifting sound is characterized by a brass and woodwind melodic front line. Orchestra Euphonos performs songs and melodies from old world Bessarabia and the Balkans. Their performances are joyous occasions filled with wild takes on old favorites, group improvisations and more than a few opportunities to dance.

Orchestra Euphonos has performed as part of KlezCalifornia Yiddish Culture Festival, The Oakland A's Jewish Heritage Night, Israel in the Gardens, and JCC Sonoma's Simcha Sunday, the Berkeley Balkan Bacchanal at the Starry Plough, Ashkenaz Music and Dance Center, Klezmer Mondays at Saul's, Oakland Freedom Jazz Society at Duende, Revolution Cafe and Subterranean Arthouse. 

Peter Bonos, trumpet
Zina Pozen, accordion
Travis Hendrix, clarinet
Juliana Frick, bass. 

Special Collaborators:
Kent Kessinger, guitar
Lee Corbie-Wells, violin
Samantha Shokin for an encore of Russian and Ukranian folk songs

Genre: Klezmer & Balkan: Moldovan, Romanian, Ukranian, Greek & Macedonian folk music.



Moonshine Jelly

Power-house acoustic duo Moonshine Jelly consists of violinist and vocalist  Lee White, and guitarist and filmmaker Kent Kessinger.  This Americana-Celtic-Gypsy-Swing folk band adds contemporary context to ancient folk songs of Eastern Europe, the British Isles, and the Americas. With their intimate voices, unpredictable harmonies, and performance intensity, this up-and-coming band is not only reviving but transforming traditional musics of the world.

Lee Corbie-Wells, vocals, violin, guitar
Kent Kessinger, guitar, bango, vocals


$7-$15 sliding scale

*No refunds or exchanges.