Join us for a WILD night of music. The bands Honey and The Emperor and Beach Peach will lavish your spirits. Imagine eccentric and extraordinary sounds of color washing over you. Its not paint, its music. This night is a curated show of two visionary bands. The first band, Beach Peach, is Geoff Saba and Joel Davidson. They will break open your magnetic fields with highly energetic and spontaneous sounds. Your spirits will then enter into the world of Honey and The Emperor: Mary Mailhot on Synth, Guitar, Loops, Joel Davidson on Drums, and Bryan Lovett on Bass. This will buzz you into the NOW and share with you new tunes from the project WILD, their soon to be released EP.  Exploration of Performance and Music will be tested here with Great Gusto. Your presence matters, and changes everything. Feel free to dress up, come as you are, as a piece of fruit, as a bee, as a wild wild thing. 


Honey and The Emperor

Based out of Oakland, CA, Honey and The Emperor is enchanting mix of musicians. Mary, a Brooklyn/NYC transplant, has been writing songs passionately for the past seven years. Last fall, she released her Album, La Mer. The band consists of Mary, Joel Davidson, and Bryan Lovett. Mary sings phantasmal lyrics/melodies, plays keys and guitar. Joel ignites the music with drums. Brian Lovett roots the music with bass. The spirit of the music is enigmatic, bringing to the surface deeply felt dreams and realities. The culminating sound and performance soars with loops, keys, drums, electronic beats, and bass. There is a depth and whispering cry to the wild in it's ethereal sound that will enrapture you.

WebsiteBandcamp | Soundcloud


Beach Peach

Beach Peach is Geoff Saba (Forest Floor) on guitar and Joel Davidson (Halcyonaire) on drums. The two have played in numerous bands together and share a love that extends beyond music that's visible on stage. Beach Peach plays largely improvised experimental instrumental music influenced by water, air, and geographical landscape.


DOORS 9:30PM, SHOW 10:00 PM
$10-15 sliding scale suggested donation



** No refunds or exchanges are permitted **