Ampersan (Mexico City) returns to Studio Grand for an intimate duo concert. "A musical journey through various landscapes and sounds of Mexico and Latin America. Musical poetry. A mix of traditional instruments with modern genres such as rock, rap and electronic."

From the beginning, in 2007, Ampersan has kept a constant relationship with traditional Mexican music. They also create through cultural exchanges in the field, as well as with contemporary academic music, and sound experimentation.

Ampersan has composed and interpreted the music for two contemporary dance performances named Apariciones and Espacios del viento, both by the independent choreographer Paloma Martínez. And also the puppet theater pieces, El Silencio entre las olas and, Martina y los hombres pájaro, performed by the Luna Morena Company, directed by Miguel Angel Gutierrez.

Their music has been used in documentaries, animation and short films such as; Fosca by Negro Semilla, Texometl by Cocktail bi-sual, Son duros los días sin nada by La Sandia Digital, Nos Pintamos Solas by La Maroma, Hauyamilpas City Song by Bestia Mugiente and Miel by Lucero Novaro.

Thay also participated in these music album productions: Y como el olvido by Kristos Lezama, Barcelona by León Chávez Teixeiro, La chava de la Martín Carrera homage to León Chávez Texeiro, Al garete by Josué Avalos, Canto nuevo para niñ@s by Yahir Durán, Donde habitan los jilgueros by Soca y Resoca, Acústico by Thermo, La sed de Dr. Sotol y Contradicciones a collective CD with these other participantes Jaime López, Rafael Mendoza, Mauricio Díaz y David Aguilar and others.

With two albums and a DVD, Ampersan has performed with great acceptance throughout Mexico as well as in Spain, Germany, Uruguay, Argentin, Guatemala and the United States of America. 

Ampersan Duo:
Zindu Cano, Jarana, acoustic guitar and vocals
Kevin García, Punteador, electric guitar and vocals

Doors 9:30 pm, Show 10:00
$12-15 sliding scale donation


** No refunds or exchanges are permitted **