In Too Deep is a monthly series curated by electronic music duo KYN (Josh Casey & Yari Bundy) in association with Studio Grand. Occurring every 2nd Saturday, the series features local artists specializing in the darker side of dance music. Incorporating Bay Area experimental traditions and the sounds of Berlin’s underground dance scene, In Too Deep seeks to create a space for those left wanting more from the current sound of commercialized electronic music, and to present an audiovisual landscape incorporating rhythm, noise, and atmosphere. Expect live electronic music that moves you physically and spiritually. In an effort to create a truly immersive experience, each performance will be accompanied by live visuals from some of our favorite local artists. 


Roy Shade (Live)

roy shade.jpg

Kraftwerk talked of musikarbeiter (music workers) whom are there to facilitate a moment made of all of the people in the space and the lifetime of story they bring. As a music worker I hope to facilitate reflection. So I’m undertaking to design music that doesn’t tell the listener how to feel but instead supports their own creative meditations in a rhythmic and hopefully pleasing manner - danceable wallpaper. 

I like techno that sits in the uncanny valley where robots, data models and organic-aspiring geometry imitate life so closely that it’s uncomfortable. Asymptotically approaching humanity in digitized quantized inorganic form. Ah Pook the Destroyer flings a gob of grease from his fingers until it hits the floor. A universe is created and destroyd. Hopefully we make a moment together. Then… Splat.



KYN (Live)

KYN Press B&W .jpg

Inspired by Berlin techno and the environments from which those sounds emanate, KYN is an electronic duo that explores experimental dance music with a dark and minimal aesthetic drenched in atmosphere. With influences from films like Blade Runner and Alien to the sounds of Northern Electronics, Stephan Bodzin and Ital Tek, KYN weaves an odyssey of electronic sound through live performance using music as catharsis from the often dark world we live in. KYN invites deep contemplation, creating a space for escape and movement while finding comfort in the very things that some find frightening.



Pixelpusher (visuals)





Pixelpusher is a contributor to the San Francisco Bay Area's vibrant music scene for the past seven years and performs unique projection based art for a variety of electronic music events. Comfortable within many different styles, she excels at creating a synergy between her visuals and the music. She’s performed at many types of events both large and small, but still enjoys the smaller, more intimate events. With a background in video production and thousands of hours creating content under her belt, she is constantly immersing herself in new styles. Her aesthetic can be described as futuristic and sci-fi with hypnotic and industrial overtones. Pixelpusher continues to bring a passion and depth to her work that leaves people stunned with appreciation for the visceral visual experience.



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DOORS 9:00 PM; MUSIC 9:30

$10-15 sliding scale