Join us for a collaborative performance as RDL+ creates an evocative score for The Pioneer, a play written by Mara Lockowandt.

Bay Area Bridges is a monthly series curated by RDL+ which celebrates the Bay Area, with Oakland as its hub, and brings together the most interesting and ground-breaking voices that need to be heard and reckoned with. Shows include music written and presented by RDL+ as well as other innovative artists, and breaks new ground in modern music. 

The Pioneers

For centuries humans have been drawn to discover, to build, and to create life in new worlds. Only now, the frontier is Mars. And the stakes are high: a dramatically changing climate has ruined swaths of croplands and human survival depends on the swift conquering of the red planet. Meet Tesodora Villanova; a throwback to the titans of industry and the best person to lead the first manned-mission to Mars and establish a sustainable colony. But there are some that have more sinister plans for the resource-rich planet, and are willing to fight to the death to keep Villanova and her crew from completing their mission.


Mara Lockowandt

Mara is an Oakland-based theater director, playwright and educator passionate about collaborating with musicians and developing new works. Previous directorial works include the English Premiere of the Argentinian masterpiece Siamese Twins by Griselda Gambaro at Teatro Technis in London, as well as productions at Theater 503, Tara Arts, and Etcetera Theater. Mara has an MA from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London, and a PhD in Theater from Royal Holloway, University of London.



With their 2014 debut album, Más P’alla Va, RDL+ is building an original sound that embodies the members’ collective ideas, inspirations, and histories.  RDL+ is Ruthie Dineen on keys, Doug Lee on bass, Steve Weems on drums, Luis Salcedo on guitar, plus(+) the Bay Area's best up-and-coming musicians. The group focuses on writing and playing original compositions, while taking both lyrical and open improvisations on the pieces.  While maintaining an aesthetic stemming from traditional jazz, the group experiments with odd meters, timbre, form, and melodic ideas.  Nonetheless, the exploratory nature of the group is always rooted in the essence of the composed or arranged pieces.

Ruthie Dineen, piano
Doug Lee, bass
Steve Weems, drums
Luis Salcedo, guitar

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$10-15 Sliding Scale

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