Heartsore....This cinematic set will showcase the individual and combined talents of KYN, Kamerin, Ghostlore. The artists' collaborative performance will transport you through a series of emotional and acoustic landscapes as they reflect on both the mundane and the profound, the beautiful and the heartbreaking aspects of today's world.


KYN (Yari Bundy & Josh Casey) is an electronic music duo exploring lush sonic landscapes and rhythmic structures both familiar and experimental. Their music is often described as beat driven sound design with cinematic overtones. KYN performs music that is innovative in scope yet instinctively emotive in practice.



Kamerin (Kamerin McDonald) is an Oakland-based folk-pop singer songwriter who is not afraid to show their vulnerability in their music. A classically trained vocalist, Kamerin lush vocal harmonies with with electroacoustic synthesizer sounds and catchy beats to send you melting backward into some childhood nostalgia you didn't know you had.




Ghostlore (Tim Kim and Kamerin McDonald) began as a vocal improvisation duo providing live dance accompaniment. Rich with twisting and turning vocal melodies and harmonies, their material is hauntingly sweet and sorrowful all at once. At times their sound is as minimal as two voices alone; at others it is a densely layered soundscape of vocal, violin and synthesizer loops. The duo deeply values and creates space for improvisation within their work, bringing a sense of spontaneity, honesty and playfulness to their lovingly crafted sound.

Doors: 9:00pm, Show at 9:30pm
$10 - $20 Sliding Scale

** No refunds or exchanges are permitted. **