Join us for a night of Musica Criolla (Creole Music) from the coast of Peru with Andy Callao (vocals), Pedro Rosales (cajón) and Vladimir Vukanovich (guitar). Musica Criolla encompasses a variety of musical genres practiced in the coastal region of Peru with European, African, and Indigenous influences. This music reflects the rich cultural and musical heritage present in the coast of the country.



Andy Callao

Andy Callao is the Director of Andy y Su Orquesta Callao, a 10 member salsa band that performs locally in the Bay Area. He grew up in a musical family and got an early start as a child singing Peruvian Boleros. 



Pedro Rosales

Pedro Rosales is a percussionist and singer who has been playing cajon for the last 25 years. He is one of the Bay Area’s premier resources on the cultural traditions of the coast of Peru. Previously, Rosales was the co-director of De Rompe y Raja for 18 years. Rosales founded the Afro-Peruvian ensemble Proyecto Lando. He currently teaches Peruvian cajónn classes at Studio Grand.



Vladimir Vukanovich

Vladimir Vukanovich is a master guitarist and a leader in the cultural traditions found along the coastal regions of Peru. He is the premier guitarist of the Criolla tradition and is a well-regarded popular figure in Peru. He has resided in Bay Area since 1978 and has performed alongside Peru’s greatest musicians.  



$15-25 sliding scale

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